Most of you have read or have heard the story of Noah and the Ark.  The story spans from the 6th through the 10th chapters of Genesis.  If you are intending to see this film as a telling of the biblical story you are accustomed to, don’t do it. Go with an open mind with no preconceived notions.

Writer/Director Darren Aronofsky and writer Ari Handel have stepped out on faith with this version of the story.

This film starring Russell Crowe as Noah is a decent film. It would be an interesting telling of the story of the end of mankind if it was set in the future or in a parallel universe.  It would have been believable enough to buy into story. Instead, it has been sold as THE story of Noah and the Ark.

According to Genesis, Noah was well into his 500th year on earth when GOD told him to build an ark.  Since his grandfather, Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) lived to be 969 years old, Noah would have probably looked as fit as Russell Crow at the young age of 500 plus.

The problems are; the E.T. finger light up, the flair guns, the costume designs, the stone watchers, and the large break from the original story.

Costumes –  Even though my niece my think so, I was not around back in Noah's day, however,  I am pretty sure the women wore dresses. In the film they wear pants.  Not baggy pants but tight fitting pants and blouses with skin showing.

The villain, Tubal Cain (Ray Winstone) who is the descendant of Cain, has a flair gun.  The fallen angels that are now known as “The Watchers” are stone walking creatures.

There is a magical ember that makes fire and during a ceremony in which the heritage is passed down, the tips of the fingers light up E.T. style.

The film is interesting, dark, though provoking, action packed, and good; if it was intended to be a science fiction film.

Aronofsky had good intentions to pay homage to the wonderful biblical story. He created the ark in the dimensions of those given in the bible.  He takes the time to continuously remind  us of the Creation, and Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, and the first murder.  He skillfully builds the characters of Noah, his wife, and sons to make us understand their choices and their love for one another.  It has all the elements to be a biblical inspired science fiction "Divergent and  Hunger Games visits Thunder Dome" type of film.

I say SPEND THE MONEY and see NOAH in the theaters, but don’t go if you are looking for Noah of the Old Testament.  Go with the intention of seeing a good, entertaining film, not a biblical accurate one.




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