In the 1986 version of the film “About Last Night” starring Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Jim Belushi, and Elizabeth Perkins, two people meet, have an affair, and can’t quite get it together because of interference of their best friends.

The 2014 version of the film with Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant, Regina Hall, and Kevin Hart has a totally different flavor. It has a creamier, much more flavor and spicy taste to it.

Before I get into the film and the conversation I had with Michael Ealy (Danny), and Regina Hall (Joan) I must tell you that this version of“AbouLast Night” is rated R for a reason and children should not attend this film. Also the language is explosive but has a purpose.

Joan (Regina Hall) and Bernie (Kevin Hart) invite their two best friends (Debbie (Joy Bryant) and Danny (Michael Ealy) to go on a blind date with them.  Talk about opposites attracting in friendships; Joan and Bernie are loud, explosive, and even embarrassing. Debbie and Danny are more reserved, not as trusting and even though they won’t admit it, looking to be loved.  The night takes a turn and things happen, Debbie and Danny end up in bed together; neither wanting a commitment, or so they thought. Walls come down, relationships blossom but so do the problems, fears, jealousy, and insecurities. So many things that many couple viewing the film will be able to relate to and still get their laugh on.

When I spoke to Michael Ealy and Regina Hall it was a wonderful look inside the characters and the message of film.

This cast is amazing. What did you like about everyone else’s work in the Film?  

IB2C9900Michael: Let’s start with Regina; she really hung with Kevin step for step. I am so proud of her because, for her it wasn’t, “I’m hanging with Kev.” What it really was,” He brought it, I brought it.” You know what I mean? That’s why she is so good in this movie because she didn’t step up to the plate to try to hang with Kev. She said, “I’m Joan and this is what I’m going to bring.”  A lot of people get intimidated by comedians, specifically ones like Kevin who are really good. She broke Kev. It was so enjoyable to watch her really let go with this character. She was on fire.

it was like watching Venus and Serena hitting the ball back and forth.  The flow was phenomenal.  Regina, at the very end, during the credits, you broke Kevin up didn’t you?

Michael: Oh, he broke it. That’s what I’m talking about.

Same question to you Regina, What did you like about everyone else’s work in the film:

Regina: You know, I didn’t get to work with Michael much in “Think Like a Man” but I watched it. I thought he is a very handsome and sexy guy in real life, and he is sexy in the movie so, he can’t leave that behind, he can’t work against it but what I did like or shall I say love in this movie is he didn’t feel like that guy. In this movie I felt like there was a much darker and funnier side, to Michael and it resonated into a guy you wanted to love so much but he is just not there. You are waiting and praying and hoping…the fight is there and he’s not completely a jerk but he is not completely amazing. And I think to fall in love with the humanity he allowed the character have without trying to, but allowing himself to be flawed, allowing himself to not know and to watch a man struggle through that…like his lack of career, he doesn’t have job and to start those realizations when he is with a woman who is a little bit more together…and the questions he has to ask within himself. To watch a man having to grow up while his friends are still drinking, he’s caught in the middle of all that…and to still understand why you love him. You still got why Debbie felt, “if he would just get it together.”  And the moment I love so much is when she asks him if he loves her and he says, “I don’t know.”  He was honest and flawed.
What usually happens when we see a film we as women will say, “ I wish my man was like that.”  Like in “Think Like a Man”; he is so into you and has the perfect kiss on the forehead, he gets the food truck, he is perfect. In this film, “About Last Night”, he is not perfect.

I invited 3 co-workers, 2 women and one guy to the screening with me. After the film they felt you were the perfect guy because you were flawed. 

IB2C9892Regina – Thing is he hadn’t done anything. So that was a good moment to tell the truth. Also, not to mention, he might have not been all that happy anyway.  Danny said, “Hey look, coaster stain.” I love the man who went and realized, subconsciously it had be ingrained in his head, that the coaster stain was on the table. He did the wrong thing by letting her come home but he did the right thing by not letting her drive home from the bar. Without that in the movie the story wouldn’t have been grounded. There has to be something that resonates with the man you want, the man you love, the man he actually is, the man you are projecting him to be, the potential man, and the man he really is. It was a pleasure to watch Joy on screen. She had some amazing and wonderful subtleties. The two of them together, just “that couple” and the Joan and Bernie couple, it just felt right.  The friendships were real, the jealousies were real, and the fighting was real.

There is a method to the madness of both stories. There is the spice with Joan and Bernie’s relationship and the Savory with Debbie and Dan.  The spice story has the wild sex and the arguing, to the point you are wondering “what the heck is going on with these two” but you see the relationship between Joan and Bernie evolve into a real loving bond. How do you think it enhanced the film?

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