I recently saw Flashdance the Musical, which is now playing at the Cadillac Theater until August 18th.

I would advise that if you are a fan of the movie forget it before going to see the Musical. If you don’t you will be waiting for moments that just don’t come.

Don’t get me wrong, the entire cast of dancers is awesome, the voices are great, the costumes are spot on, and the set design is wonderful. What’s missing is the heart and soul of the story.  I felt that everything was so rushed to get from scene to scene that you missed “the feeling.”

Jillian Mueller as Alex Owens can dance her butt off and her voice is great but I felt she was running from quick change to quick change.  Die hards of the movie were waiting for her make certain dance moves and applauded loudly when she did something recognizable for the film. However, there wasn’t any soul in her performance.  Matthew Hydzik is a young Nick Hurley but it works. This Nick Hurley is funny, off centered with his attraction to Alex and working with the guys in the Mill. Matthew carries it off well and he has a great voice.

Kelly Felthous as Gloria was a joy to watch.  She was authentic, had various layers, and the audience really had a connection with her.  Another enjoyable character was Hanna played by Jo Ann Cunningham.  Every time she came to the stage a smile came to my face because I knew she was going to deliver. Dequina Moore WORKED “Manhunt.”

EVERYONE was waiting for “Maniac” to see how they would handle the water scene.  The best part of the dance number was the when the water came down and the freeze pose.  The dance felt rushed to get to the pulling of the chain. The splash was awesome but what came before was not.

The second act was better than the first but not enough for me to want to run back and see the Musical again.

Flashdance the movie wasn’t a great film but the dancing, the music, and the dream made it iconic. Sometimes you should leave well enough alone.

If you want to see Flashdance and really enjoy it, rent the movie.


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  • Hello Ms. DeShong,
    The original ‘Alex Owens’ here, writing to you from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada...
    Interesting review, thank you! I see you are contemplating what went wrong with Flashdance the Musical's story. Hazarding a guess here... Do you think it could it could have something to do with the fact that Flashdance the movie was not the lame retelling of my story, like this stageshow apparently is, by a few men pretending to be inside a young woman’s head where her livelihood and dreams were concerned?
    I say this because, in fact, the film was actually realized by a number of women 'behind the scenes' in Hollywood - Katherine Reback in particular. She was the writer who, in reality, wrote all the final production scripts that were used on the movie's film sets, and received NO CREDITS for her work, as did so many other women also who contributed to the film's soul, story, and success. (Like me, for example. ;)
    It’s quite refreshing to see a review by a fan of Flashdance who is not part of the "Flashdance the Musical" promotion machinery.
    Maureen Marder, Owen Sound, Canada
    (a.k.a. Alex OwenS... ;)

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    Hi Maureen,

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    Hope to speak with you soon,

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