Breaking Dawn- Part 2

Hello, my name is Bonnie DeShong and I am a Twihard.  I am totally “Team Jacob” and yes, I am over the age of forty.

I have to admit that with the first Twilight film I did not like the casting of either Bella or Edward.  However, as the films have grown, so has my tolerance of first Robert Pattinson as Edward, and finally, Kristen Stewart as Bella.  It took her turning into a vampire for me to feel any life in her.

Let’s get down to it.  The final segment of the Twilight series Breaking Dawn-Part 2, did not disappoint me in the least.  It has all the things you expect but will still catch you off guard.

Bella is now a full blown vampire, after begging Edward to turn her since the very first film.  She is pretty bad-assed with her abilities.  She is stronger, faster, and has the gift of control.  Her daughter, Renesmee, is beautiful and is growing, literally inches every day.  Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee and has practically moved into the Cullens’ home.  All is right with the world.

Of course it isn't.  The creepy Volturi have found out that Bella and Edward have a child, which is against the vampire rule book to turn a child into a vampire.  Aro (Michael Sheen) is salivating at the chance to finally destroy the Cullens clan for once and for all.  He is amazed at what Bella has become and of Renesmee being half human and half vampire.  The Cullens set out to find friends that will help verify that Renesmee was not turned but was in truth born from the union of Bella, when she was human and Edward. Of course, we all know the Volturi will not care and will want to massacre everyone. It’s no secret, we saw the previews, a fight is going to happen. Jacob vows that the werewolves will stand with the Cullins in the fight.

Hat’s off to Director Bill Condon for staging a fight scene that is shocking, bloody, gruesome, all out war, and still have the audience cheering and completely caught off guard.  I was so tired afterward, I had to sit back and just breathe.  The film is also beautiful to look at.  The scenery, the people, the snow is even really white.

I loved the way at the end of the film, Condon thought to go back and give us a chance to say goodbye to all the characters that we grew to love and hate during the Twilight Saga.

I say SPEND THE MONEY and see BREAKING DAWN – Part 2 in the theaters.  It is well worth the price of the tickets and buttered popcorn.






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    You aren't a very good "Twihard"... Edward's last name is CULLEN not Collen.

  • Thanks kcrmo, no more trying to type on a Ipad with my finger. Told you, Team Jacob. Thanks for the catch of the typo. That was a big one.

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