Who Is Alex Cross? Not Tyler Perry


Dr.  Alex Cross is a psychiatrist and police detective with the uncanny ability to know what a crook is thinking by sniffing the air.  He is a family man who deeply loves his wife and soon to be 3 children.  He works with his best friend from childhood and believes in honesty and playing by the book. He is so good at his job; the FBI is courting him to become a profiler for the agency.  All is good in Dr. Cross’s life until he comes in contact with a psycho path that is out to get him.

All is not good with the film itself.  The main problem is, unfortunately, Tyler Perry as Alex Cross.  I like Tyler Perry and all that is does outside of his moneymaker, the ‘Madea’ films.  I see him removed from that character and I think there are great roles for him.  Unfortunately, Alex Cross was not one of them.  The problem, Tyler Perry just does not fit well in this roll of a gentle yet tough guy.  This will sound petty but the first time you see Alex Cross he is running after a bad guy.  He is serious about catching this guy but he is running using the “karate chop” move with his hands.  It looks so, awkward and 70’s movies style.  I know, what difference does it makes how he runs? The problem is, it caught my attention. From the beginning I didn't feel the character of Alex Cross.

The only character that stood out for me was Matthew Fox as the psycho path, Picasso.  He plays it way over the top but I loved it.  He was intense and crazy, and the only exciting, interesting person on the screen.

I feel sadness for Tyler Perry because he had so much to prove. Morgan Freeman in “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider”, set the bar so high that anyone who would  come behind him had to really knock it into outer space.  His Alex Cross had a quiet strength, solid footing, and he was sexy in a mature sort of way, something that Tyler did not bring to the character.

It is not all Tyler Perry’s fault.  The direction wasn't the best; the script left holes and was weak. There were to many questions that weren't answered and people being killed for no apparent reason.  "Could be a spoiler alert!"  Someone important dies in the film but we only hear about this person in one sentence several scenes later. This was someone that a main character was having a relationship with and was a part of the team.  No emotion, not anger, no anything.

I say save your money and WAIT FOR ALEX CROSS TO COME TO CABLE.




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