Total Recall is Total Waste of Time

If you were fortunate enough to see the original film, Total Recall, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, don’t spoil the memory by
going to see this one.

I would love to leave it at that but that’s not what I get
paid for.  Okay.

It’s the future (funny, back in the 1990’s when the original film came out 2012 was the future) and the common people of the world are oppressed
after a nuclear blast.  Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) is the average Joe of his time. He is employed as a worker in a robot factory, has a lovely wife, and enjoys taking virtual vacations.  That’s like the hologram station on the Enterprise. Or maybe it’s more like the Matrix because you have to be hooked up to electrodes.  This is the conversation was going on in my mind as I watched the movie. Anyway, while taking one of these virtual
vacations, something is hooked up in such a way that Douglas is having thoughts and doing things he didn’t know he could do. These new thoughts seem right and we find that he is having a, say it with me, wait for recall of who he truly is and what his life was.

Enters Melina, (Jessica Biel), she’s a good lucking, butt kicking, gun toting heroine who helps Douglas make his way back to his reality.

Okay, what’s good? The action, Colin Farrell is easy on the eye, the set was cool, and there were lots of flying cars.

I say, STAY HOME and rent the original TOTAL RECALL  and see a good film.  If you must see this one, WAIT FOR THE DVD.

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