EXPENDABLES 2 Is Just Old Fashioned Tough Guy Hero Fun!

I must admit that I never had the pleasure of seeing the film The Expendables, so I was walking in Expendables 2 with fresh eyes not
having a clue what I was going to see or experience.  I just knew that a few old action stars led by Sylvester Stallone were in it.

The jest of the film is Barney (Stallone) is the head of a group of, I don’t even know what to call them other than “bad-ass, kick butt, ex-military type guys”, who are paid to go on missions and save the day. A CIA/FBI guy named Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) makes an offer that Barney can’t
refuse. He and his group are to retrieve a package from a plane that has gone down somewhere in the middle of nowhere. They don’t know what the package is but they must take the only person who knows how to get it, a woman named Maggie (Yu Nan), with them.  Of course they must fight the bad guy Jean Vilain (Jean-Claude Van Damme), shoot, knife, and kill, while at the same time save a town of helpless women.  Even
still there was a story that I got into. There was a mood of camaraderie, especially toward the young kid in the bunch, sniper Billy (Liam Hemsworth).

I had a great time watching this movie.  To see all of my favorite “whup butt” guys all on the screen together, doing what they do and making fun of themselves doing it was just plain fun.

Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren (he used to be so good looking), Arnold Schwarznegger (who took the brunt of most of the jokes), Chuck
Norris (hilarious as the “Lone Wolf”), Jason Statham, Jet Li, Yu Nan (the lady held her own), Terry Crews (I didn’t know he had all those muscles underneath his “Everybody Hates Chris” shirt and tie), Randy Couture, and so many more to count.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the guys in the audience of the theater reacting to every bomb going off, bloody attack, and knife fight and then shouting “Yeah” as the heroes saved the day.  There was a lot of testosterone flowing.

I say ladies take the kids for the afternoon and SPEND THE MONEY and send your favorite guy to see EXPENDABLES 2.   This film is not for children so leave them at home.


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