The Amazing Spider-Man is Amazing

What does the new Spider-Man bring that the old one didn’t have?  Even though the story is the same, the characters are the same, the feel isn’t.  It feels more, what is the word I’m looking for, REAL.  The other Spider- Man series was great.  I watched a comic book hero come to life.  In this one, I watched a live character become a comic book hero.

I am sure that even those of you who have never read a Spider Man comic book knows the story.  Peter Parker’s father is a famed scientist who is working on cross genetic something or other.   Feeling their lives and work is in danger; Peter’s parents leave him with his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt Mae (Sally Fields) for safe keeping. Alas, they are killed in a plane crash and Peter grows up to be a nerdy kind of guy who loves to take pictures, science and has a heavy crush on the schools pretty smart chic, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).  That is until he runs across his father’s papers, does some investigating that leads him to his father’s partner Dr. Curt Connars (Rhys Ifans) at Oscorp laboratories, is bitten by a spider and develops sticky hands and feet, flies through the air on webs, and has enormous strength. Got all that?

In the 2002, Sam Raimi Spider-Man, my focus was on Spider-Man.  Okay, Bonnie, the movie is about Spider-Man, right?  Yep, but in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, I got the whole picture.  I saw the other characters that surround Spider-Man. I felt sorry for and kind of understood where Dr. Connars was coming from.  I liked the relationship between Peter and Gwen, especially at the end. The relationship between Peter and Uncle Ben and Aunt May was wholesome and loving and felt real.

I say SPEND THE MONEY and see The Amazing Spider-Man in the theaters.  I don’t think you really have to spend the extra money for the 3D version. It was nice but I would have been just as satisfied with regular old 2D.

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