Step Up Revolution - Steps UP!

Every generation has a dance movie that inspires youth to stand up and be heard.  Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney, Flashdance, Fame, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and Step Up 1-3, just to name a few.

Now we have Step Up Revolution. It's new and different. Its plot is one we have never seen before! Okay, I will put the sarcasim aside. Even though everything about it is predictible, the dancing is, as the kids say, "off the chain." (They do still say that don't they?)

Emily (Kathryn McCormick) is the good girl who comes from a rich family. Her dream is to be a professional dancer. She meets a gorgeous guy (Ryan Guzman) who isn't rich but is the leader of a group called MOB who stage dancing flash mobs.  I must stop here to say the dancing, staging, and choreography is amazing, breathtaking, exciting, and just plan "off the chain!" (Did I already say that?)  Where there is good, there must be conflict.  Emily's dad is planning to destroy a historic neighborhood and build a new development.  Dynamics of the MOB changes when Emily and the group band together and uses dance flash mobs to save the neighborhood and the people that live there.

To be honest, I didn't care about the story here.  I got to the end before the film did, but the energy and heartfelt dancing won me over.  They dance on everything and everywhere. Thing is, after leaving the movie I don't think anyone would ever remember the names of the actors, but they will remember the dance.

I normally would have said wait for the DVD but I think you have to SPEND THE MONEY and see it in the theater to get the full effect of the choreography. There is a saying that "you should dance as though no one is watching."  I went home and did just that.

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  • I am such a nerd when it comes to movies like this! I loved Stomp the Yard too! I never really care about the plot. I just wish I could bust a groove like them. I will totally be a cheese ball and go see this movie!

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