A Review by Bonnie DeShong

We meet Princess Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) as a little girl with wild, very wild, curly red hair.  She is very much loved by her mother Queen Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson) and her big, brave, father King Fergus (voiced by Billy Connolly). During their outing they are attacked by a wild bear and the King proudly loses his leg, it makes for a great story of the King’s bravery at the dinner table and with the rest of the clan. The King vows to find the bear and fight him with his bare hands.

A few years later, Princess Merida is exceptionally skilled with a bow and arrow, rides a horse with the wind, climbs tall rock formations to drink from waterfalls and
the hair is even more red and unruly. She is also at the age where her mother feels it time for her to follow tradition and get married.

Merida isn’t taking to the idea very well and declares she will join into the games to claim her own hand.  You have guessed, the Princess and the Queen argue, Merida runs away, meets a witch and I will leave the rest for you to see for yourself.

I like to see these types of films in a theater with children.  The film, after all is for them.  The children at the ICE Theaters on 87th street,  thoroughly enjoyed the film.  They
were quiet and attentive, laughed at the right spots, and clapped at the end.  Their parents even relaxed to enjoy the message of the film, tucking it in the back of their minds when the little ones sitting next to them will come of age and challenge their wishes.

I enjoyed the film enough to say SPEND THE MONEY and see it at the theater.  Oh, and there is nudity, Merida’s three little brothers show their backsides. Cute!

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