The story is: Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) is the successful Manager of a swank condominium in Central Park (the film was shot in one of Trump's properties).  He knows the needs of all his residents and has a great relationship with his employees.  When the opportunity arises for the Josh to invest the employee's pension fund with tenant, Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) a Wall Street Billionaire, he jumps at the chance.  However, when he finds out that Mr. Shaw has been charged with embezzling funds, including the employee pension fund, his focus is to get the money back. 

Josh enlists the services of a strange band of "merry men" to steal back the money from Shaw.  Slide (Eddie Murphy) is an old childhood acquaintance of Josh's who has robbery skills. Mr. Fizhugh (Mathew Broderick) is an old tenant of the building who is a math whiz. Charlie (Casey Affleck) is Josh's brother-in-law that really isn't cut out for the job of concierge or much else. Enrique (Michael Pena) claims to be an engineer. He went to school to get a masters degree in electrical engineering but realized he had to go to college and get a BA first. Rounding up the band of thieves is Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe) who is the Jamaica safe cracker. 

Frankly I enjoyed the film. I laughed out loud in a theater full of critics.  I liked the characters, the story, the craziness of some of the situations; I even jumped in my seat a couple of times. Eddie Murphy had some funny moments, not like his old movies or stand up, but still funny.  Is it me or the older he gets the more he and his brother Charlie look like twins? Alan Alda played Shaw to a tee. It was kind of unnerving to see him be so cold to the staff of the hotel.  It really brought to light the "have's vs. the have not’s”.  Wow that theme has run through two films in the last two weeks.

I say SPEND THE MONEY and see Tower Heist in the theaters.  Just go and have fun and laugh yourself silly. 



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