It is the future and money is nonexistent.  The form of currency is time. You need it to pay all your bills, buy food, a cup of coffee cost 4 minutes. When you run out of time, you die.

Everyone is born with a 7 zeros imbedded in their arm.  When they turn 25 years of age the clock starts and begins to run down the last year of your life.  People do not age past the age of 25 but if they collect enough time, they can live a long life.  The problem is, the HAVES have centuries of time so they can walk slow, breathe deeply, and live is mansions.  However, they live in a secluded are that is zoned and gated and they all have bodyguards to ward off thieves  trying to steal their time.

The HAVE NOTS live in zone 24.  They have to run everywhere as not to waste time.  They work, borrow, steal, and go to a mission to try to live another day.  To make sure everyone has their share of time you have the Time Keepers, a police type group that knows when the Have Nots have more time than they are allotted. "Many must die so a few may live".

Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is a "Have Not" who works in the Weis Factory making the machines that give and take time. He is a good guy and a very good poker player,who will help someone by giving a minute or two when it is needed.  One day Will is given the mother lode of time and escapes the 24th ward and head to where he can hide out amongst the Haves. The Time Keepers find out about his gift and  accuse him of stealing it.  The chase begins.  Along the way Will becomes involved with the head of the Weis Company Philippe Weis's (Vincent Kartheiser) daughter Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried) and changes her life.

I loved this film and the actors in it.  I think Director Andrew Niccol made the right choice in choosing Justin Timberlake for the role.  The scene with his mother (Olivia Wilde) really made me sit up and pay attention.  The Bonnie and Clyde  feel to the film was a little comical but it worked.

As I sat there and watched the Rich taking and taking time and not wanting to offer a second, and the Poor suffering, giving and dying, maybe this storyline isn't that far into the future as we want to think.

I say SPEND THE MONEY and see IN TIME in the theater.  You may want to go home and write your Congressman and Senator.



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