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Drive - Breathing New Life Into A Tired Genre

Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligen
Hi Everyone! In my last post I introduced you to my colleague, Casey Clark.  From time to time Casey will be sharing reviewing duties with me. Please read his review of the film DRIVE!!! DRIVE A review by Casey Clark for Bonnie’s Eye on Entertainment Paying homage to a number of films from the ’70s... Read more »

Fetish Filmmaking – Nicolas Winding Refn Does It His Way

Director Nicolas Winding Refn
Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce you to a good friend and colleague of mine, Casey Clark.  Casey is a writer, producer and inspiring film maker and has a true love of film.  Casey will be sharing a bi-line with me from time to time.  I know you will enjoy his interview with DRIVE... Read more »

Contagion Rises Stock in Sanitizer

Gwyneth Paltrow as Beth Emhoff
Today I touched my face 50 times in a 15 minute period of time. During my lunch hour I touched an elevator button 4 times, a door handle 12 times, my bank ATM keys, and shook someone’s hand.  On my way home on the train someone coughed behind me (the wet whooping cough kind) 6... Read more »

The Debt

It’s 1966 and three members of the Mossad Israeli intelligence are given the assignment to enter East Berlin and kidnap a Nazi war criminal named Vogel, the Surgeon of Birkenau and bring him back to be tried for his horrific crimes against Jews. David (Sam Worthington), Rachel (Jessica Chastain) and Stefan (Marton Csokas) find Vogel... Read more »