TWO TRAINS RUNNING at the Goodman Theatre

In celebration of August Wilson, the Goodman Theatre has mounted one of my favorite of this brilliant playwrights works, Two Trains Running, directed  to perfection by  Chuck Smith.   1969 was a year of change and decisions.  In the Hill District of Pittsburgh it was a year of decay and  death with a glimmer of hope... Read more »


The inner war among the factions has begun. The Divergent  have scattered and are in hiding.  Jeanine (Kate Winslet) leader of the Erudites is leading the council.  She is even more determined to find all Divergent. She needs just the right one to open a box that holds a message from the ancestors. Bet you... Read more »


For those of you who haven’t read the bestselling novel by the same title, this story is much more than a boy meets girl, falls in love and lives happily ever after story.  50 Shades of Grey has many curves, twists and cliffs, as well as excitement, discovery, and an entry into a world never... Read more »


Eloise Anderson (Jillian Estell) is a beautiful, smart, and loving little girl.  Her mother is white and is the only daughter of an affluent family who lives in a white upper class neighborhood in California.  Eloise is also the daughter of a man named Reggie who is black and comes from a large loving family... Read more »

SELMA an Interview with Ava DuVernay and David Oyelowo

The film SELMA has just opened and has already been nominated for Golden Globe awards for Best Picture, Director and Actor – Drama; and the Oscar buzz is getting loud.  I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Director Ava DuVernay and star of the film, David Oyelowo and talk about the film and its... Read more »

ANNIE Brightens the Day.

I have seen “Annie” in almost every form of production. I read the comic in the newspapers, I saw Annie on Broadway, I saw the movie production with Carol Burnett, I have seen the Disney TV version with Kathy Bates and now I have added the most recent version of “Annie” starring Quvenzhane Wallis and... Read more »

The Book of Life is a Cultural Experience

THE BOOK OF LIFE A school bus pulls up to a museum and a group of mischievous grammar school children get off ready to cause havoc on yet another boring trip to the museum.   They are created by pretty tour guide who is one up on their tricks and takes them through a secret doorway... Read more »

Dracula Untold Is More Nibble than Bite

When most think of Count Dracula you think of a man dressed in black with a sexy walk and a look that will make a woman melt and tilt her head slightly to the left as he gives her the hickey of life.  The question is, “how did he become this way?”   The film... Read more »

I AM ALI is a Knock Out!

Right now, one of the greatest documentaries of all time is only being shown in one theater in Chicago.  I find this quite disturbing that the real story of the great Muhammad Ali isn’t available for all to see all over the city. What’s different about this telling of the life Ali than the movie... Read more »


I had an idea that the story of James Brown was going to be good, it had to be, being the story of “The Godfather of Soul,” but this film was more than good, it is FUNKY! The film begins with James Brown right before he is arrested in Augusta, Georgia for firing a shotgun... Read more »