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The Volkswagen Jetta: Why Can't I Just Say No?

The Volkswagen Jetta: Why Can't I Just Say No?
The other day I came to the realization that I have personally owned a lot of vehicles. Sitting down and doing the math, I have basically averaged one vehicle for each year I am old. This is actually quite impressive considering that I am not (nor have ever been) independently wealthy nor am a card... Read more »

How to Give Your Car a White Collar Oil Change

How to Give Your Car a White Collar Oil Change
I have been on the road a lot lately. For those of you that follow this blog and my tweets, you know that I have been quite the busy man and have been doing my fair share of traveling. In the midst of all of my travels, I realized that my MKV Jetta was in... Read more »

Driving a Diesel in Denmark- Is This What Makes The Danes So Happy? (Pt.2)

If you are just jumping into this blog for the first time, please allow me to warn you that today’s installment is a continuation from **THIS BLOG** and should be read first. I am just going to assume that you clicked the link and read the previous post and the beginning of this story first,... Read more »

The Daily Grind- Sunroofs: Let in the Light and Potentially Cause Several Hundred Deaths... Simultaneously.

From a weather standpoint, today is a beautiful day. Gazing down at the thermometer on my vehicle’s information display, I noticed that it was a supposed 60 degrees outside, which placed it 10 degrees above my “…warm enough to open the sunroof and share my personal space with the world” rule. So as the sun... Read more »

The Daily Grind- Wham, Bam... Uh... Sorry Ma'am.

How do you make a Monday feel more depressing than usual? Answer: Rear end somebody on the way into work and inflict more damage to your vehicle than the one you hit. That alone is BS compounded upon BS compounded upon additional BS! (By the way, is that much BS tax deductible?) I am not... Read more »

The Daily Grind- Quick Quips from My Mind Throughout the Week for Your Enjoyment

Some people say that inspiration strikes like lightning. For me, in clearly came in the form of a pothole that ruptured the sidewall of my tire and instantly left me with a loose pile of rubber, sagging off of an alloy rim. Now I may not be able to pinpoint the exact minute, but I... Read more »

Doing the Pothole Polka With our Vehicles

Doing the Pothole Polka With our Vehicles
I am going to boldly state that drivers living in the Great Lakes Region are the most prepared drivers on the road. Do you think I am kidding? Seriously, look into your trunk or under your hatch and I will bet you have at least two of the following items: a blanket, an ice scraper,... Read more »

Allowing the Dust to Settle: Remembering Paul Walker and Was He to Become the Next Steve McQueen?

After taking a few months off and pondering about my next blog, I came across a startling headline-”… ‘Fast and Furious’ Star Killed in Fiery Crash.” Being an automotive enthusiast and movie buff, my eyes opened like saucers as I began to read the horrid details. Immediately, my curiosity began to get the better of... Read more »

Speed Cameras Coming to Chicago and Why It May Not Be So Bad

It is probably no surprise to anyone who reads my blog that I love to drive. As much as I respect those who chose to leave the smallest carbon footprint in their wake by taking public transit or by cycling, I still love to drive my vehicle whenever and to wherever. Given the demands of... Read more »

Fail Friday: Packed, Jacked and Cracked

Everyone enjoys seeing people succeed, but sometimes success just isn’t amusing. Now every Friday, I will bring you some of the biggest automotive related “fail” videos and/or stories from around the web. So sit back, relish in the misfortune of others and be prepared to feel a little bit better about yourself… Wow. That van... Read more »
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