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Protecting Us to Death; how to get away with torture and murder

What’s the difference between one out of control government agency and another. Not much. On the one hand in redacted color is the torture policy of the United States of America CIA, on the other hand are (some) police over-the-top actions by those allegedly sworn to “protect and serve”? In one, the storied CIA lied... Read more »

Ashamed of America-Exceptional only at Mass Murder

Ashamed of America-Exceptional only at Mass Murder
So gun owners, do you feel more masculine? 94,126 dead in the US so far this year–are you proud? That according to Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence. More of a stud, for protecting the Second Amendment? You killed, what 18–22, how many kids in Connecticut who even in WalMart can’t buy a gun (though... Read more »

Where's My STUFF?

According to the loser Mr. Romney, I voted for Obama to get free stuff. What stuff? Damn, was that the line I passed by at McCormick? I thought that was the coat check. According to Jon Stewart and “The Daily Show” we got free stuff?I know, he’s not a real journo. And guess what, we... Read more »

Obama Grandma Does McCormick with BBC et. al

To My Grandsons Ethan and Theo, this one was for you and your future In a film there would be a panning shot, a 360 degrees camera shot taking in the masses at McCormick Convention Center on Tuesday night, November 6th–Election Day 2012. To my left are rows of network big shots doing their stand... Read more »

So my back needed Chiropractor

So I killed my back working on the data for 218 S. Michigan Avenue Obama HQ, so I had to see the accupuncturist? We all won. America my grandsons Ethan and Theo. And the world is watching…with all those camera lights.

Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren

She..who headlined at Chicago Humanities Festival..gets the room of Obama supporters cheering for her line to have the rich pay their share. Meanwhile Romney’s accountant sending more to Switzerland. Women running for Senate did very well indeed, despite the MCPs.

Inside Obama gathering

Like a party atmosphere, all ages, all colors, Al hopeful.

Mama's McCormick Moment

Last time it was Grant Park. This time, I’ve scored an invite to the Obama Election Night gathering at McCormick. I’m so there. And so shall you be, if you read my blog. Now back to work, which is HOW I got the ticket to McCormick. Working my teeny fingers off inputing data for Obama.

Obama Supporters Time To Do What You Can

First of all, vote. Vote early if you can, yes even if it involves waiting in a line for 30 minutes as I did in Chicago this week. Second, talk to family…especially those on the fence. Lobby friends, the personal trumps a random stranger’s plea every time. Third, get your butt down to 218 Sout... Read more »

Church of the Holy Gun (sponsored by the NRA)

Sitting in the Globe Theatre in London UK to see Richard III, it crossed my mind. What if we were in an American theater? Bang bang, and many of us would die. The first thing to cross my mind was to throw myself on my mid30 year old daughter. For the bench, backless seating of... Read more »
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