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My Third World Plan for Coronavirus

Having seen this movie before as an expatriate living in the third or developing world, I have a sense of what to expect in the second worst case scenario of the coronavirus. In the first worst case, I would be dead before it came to town. Abroad we planned for things that might happen, so... Read more »

Trumpistan; the American Banana Republic

To concur with more famous writers than I, no Americans want to live in a banana republic in America, neither Trumpers nor Never Trumpers. For raised in the heady feeling of freedom, we Americans are an entitled people who believe we have inalienable rights. In banana republic dictatorships, without a rule of law, the state... Read more »

Moving home, what do I do NOW?

From 1975 to 2001 we moved for my husband’s job and had a lot of company. In those days about 20% of Americans moved annually according to the December 31, 2019 piece in Axios. When we last moved in 2015 from the midwest to New England, fewer than 10% moved annually. In our age group over... Read more »

Memories of Living in the Curacao in the Caribbean

On a forgotten flight out of Curacao while living on the island in the early 1980s, I found myself sitting next to a highly caffeinated Dutch woman. Before we reached cruising altitude, she shared with me her retirement plans. To move to Curacao with its never-ending sunny days. Since the island was still a part... Read more »

The Blogger's Kondo Moment

As rather ratty, winter weather crept into Western Massachusetts, it seemed like a good time to spring clean my notes about living abroad. Do they still bring me joy, or was it time to recycle them into the mental blue bin of goodbye? Pudgy Politicians versus Hard-Working Hands With an administration in Washington DC whose uncalloused... Read more »

Restaurants Won't Let Me Eat Out OR (My Meniere's Diet & Why Amazon Is My Grocer)

Who knew I’d be effectively banned from most restaurants due to salt, the major trigger of my inner ear Meniere’s disease. Not just the fast food, salt sodden-burgers and French fries ones, but (almost) all restaurants. Who knew so many restaurants don’t actually make food? Happily there are still some real restaurants. On a recent 3-generation outing.... Read more »

Twas the Night before Sinterklaas (and cultural appropriation)

The CNN article on the evolution of that jolly old fellow popped up on my app Flipboard. Too busy to read it, I seamlessly popped it into my favorite app, Pocket. Who says technology has no plus side? Me, when it isn’t seamless, crashes or worse. But this is about the jolly old fellow Americans... Read more »

Salt meet Meniere's

Salt, or as I learned in high school chemistry class, NaCl. As a child I watched my father salt watermelon, grapefruit and almost anything else that landed on his plate. As a high school drill team member, I sweated under the Texas August sun rehearsing routines and chowing down on salt pills that were handed... Read more »

The Holiday Stress

First it was the  visibly overwhelmed phlebotomist, “I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving.” Next it was neighbors bemoaning that oh, my gosh, it was almost Thanksgiving and Christmas!! Every year it’s the same, women exhaustedly worrying about the upcoming Holiday Season. How to create the aspirational Currier & Ives and Norman Rockwell images of an imagined world... Read more »

Do-It-Yourself Medical Care

Having had a variety of issues fall upon my head along with autumn leaves, I ripped a migraine JAMA study off the internet to consult my neurofeedback practitioner. Rats had good results on the protocol while listening to music. What did she think? “I’ve got it–here” she said, jumping up to grab a gizmo on a... Read more »
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    TIMELINE June 1972 to June 1973---Candace moves to Lima (Peru)----- June 1973 to May 1974---Candace and The Husband live in Glendale AZ----- May 1974 to August 1974---Living in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)----- September 1974 to May 1975---Living in Aberdeen SD----- May 1975 to July 1979---Living in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)----- July 1979 to June 1980---Living in Asuncion (Paraguay)----- June 1980 to September 1980---Living in NYC----- September 1980 to November 1982---Living in Connecticut----- November 1982 to January 1983---Living in Ponce, Puerto Rico (USA)----- February 1983 to July 1986---Living in Willemstad, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)----- July 1986 to July 1989---Living in Guayaquil (Ecuador)----- July 1989 to July 1995---Living in Connecticut (yes, again)----- July 1995 to August 2001---Living in Mexico City (Mexico)----- August 2001---Return to Gringolandia (a.k.a. United States of America)----- I was an accidental expatriate; love and marriage led me to it. One day I was a bandy-legged kid sitting atop my dogwood tree looking out of my small backyard world in 1950s New Jersey, wanting to move somewhere--anywhere, different. Next thing I knew I met a young hirsute anti-war, soon-to-be-Peace Corps volunteer, fell in love and moved to Peru in the 1970s. WHAT an adventure it's been!! NOTE: I gave up Facebook, so apologies that I cannot answer any comments since it is only set up via FB.

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