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North Carolina Papers Please Y'all Law; or Boys Protecting the Girls

Just when I thought I could visit my Swedish friend in North Carolina, the state lawmakers went out of their numskull ways to prove the stereotype of stupid Southern bigot. Thanks to them and Governor Pat “Papers Please” McCrory, anyone wanting to use public restrooms has to use the genetically assigned birth one. According to... Read more »

Marie Kondo, Chicago and me; change where you live and change your life

Massachusetts is different from Illinois. For one thing, it’s easier to misspell. And I clearly do that having never learned how to spell it with that same rap-like rhyme of my elementary school days, “M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I.” And yes, my blog title is misspelled, but that was purposeful. In 2014 when I downsized a la Marie Kondo’s... Read more »

10 Days of Chicago Christmas; or 10 Reasons to Leave the Burg

Why would one leave Chicago? Let me count the reasons….and why I’ll sadly take my taxes to pay them in Massachusetts where the government invests in the citizenry. Yes Kristin. The public schools of 8-9-and-10 stars of 10 are actually funded! 1. The gunshot in front of our house Christmas night. Never reported by the... Read more »

Sustainability and the Death of Satire

In a three-tier theatre in the United Kingdom in a town known as Kingston (on-the-Thames to, as one comic said, make the town terms sound “posher”)–I sat with a young, University crowd to watch a very-English version of The Comedy Store. As ever, it brought to mind more questions than answers. The musings of a... Read more »

The Empty-ish House; an ode to leaving Chicago

Sherlock Holmes’s Adventures of the Empty House were his return. For me and we after almost a dozen years lived in Chicago, the empty-ish house it is a parting of the ways with the South Loop and with the wider City of Chicago. No longer will I contact my Alderman Pat Dowell on behalf of... Read more »

Stations of the Cross, the GOP Road to The White House

With their eyes on the prize of The White House, the declared and expected to declare Republican candidates have begun their mandatory peregrination to the various Stations of the GOP Cross to power. If this sounds like the Roman Catholic stations of the cross, it’s stunningly similar. How else could GOP candidates prove their conservative... Read more »

Everything is Weirder in Texas

If the south is said to be noted for it’s hospitality, the southwest state called Texas is known for its weirdness.  They even sell an overpriced tee shirt saying so at the Austin Airport. I thought I knew Texas. Hadn’t I done middle and high school in the always soggy, car-centric Houston, Texas in the... Read more »

A Modest Proposal* by 2nd Amendment Gun Absolutists

A Modest Proposal *by 2nd Amendment Absolutists Stand your ground. Thanks to Uncle ALEC and the deep pocketed gun lobbyists of the NRA and the gun absolutists of the Gun Owners of America, under the Castle doctrine  it is legal to shoot first and ask questions later. So if ever one of those other types... Read more »

Cities Under Attack by Gun Toting Yahoos; or Why to Boycott the USA

Guns, bloody deadly guns again. I thought after Columbine, America would get it. We didn’t. I thought after Aurora CO. I knew after Newtown CT. Nope. Not enough ripped apart children paid with their short lives to fill the coffers of the gun lobbyists at the NRA. More the NRA cried, more guns.  So now three American Yahoos... Read more »

Trayvon Martin; Why Race Still Matters in America

While Chief Justice John Roberts may believe we’ve gotten past race in America, the trial of George Zimmerman for his confessed shooting of Trayvon Martin demonstrates; we haven’t. Each of us still carry the loaded luggage of our assumptions about the others. There is the assumption that a young person, a young person of a... Read more »
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    I was an accidental expatriate; love and marriage led me to it. One day I was a bandy-legged kid sitting atop my dogwood tree looking out of my small backyard world in 1950s New Jersey, wanting to move somewhere--anywhere, different. Next thing I knew my father had accepted a job in Houston TX. I was ecstatic, it was a foreign land in 1961 America. After high school graduation, my parents’ gave me a matched set of fawn-colored hardsided American Tourister luggage. Taking the hint, I went to college; well four colleges in five years--it was the 60s after all. Meeting a young hirsute anti-war, soon-to-be-Peace Corps volunteer, I fell in love. After finishing up college coursework for my degree, but before I even walking a graduation stage, I grabbed the paper airline ticket my boyfriend had sent me, my brand-new passport, and was off to the airport and Lima, Peru.

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