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10 Days of Chicago Christmas; or 10 Reasons to Leave the Burg

Why would one leave Chicago? Let me count the reasons….and why I’ll sadly take my taxes to pay them in Massachusetts where the government invests in the citizenry. Yes Kristin. The public schools of 8-9-and-10 stars of 10 are actually funded! 1. The gunshot in front of our house Christmas night. Never reported by the... Read more »

Why Hotel Beds Do Not Equate Development in Chicago's South Loop

Chicago is on road to a stupidly, ill considered development at McCormick Convention Center in the DePaul Basketball Arena and hotels. The City powers want it because DePaul connected-types want it because the City powers want it because the DePaul connected types want it–ad infinitum. Meanwhile the silent majority in the neighborhood, like lambs to... Read more »

The Three Little Thuggees; a small "d" democratic farce-in-progress

            Once upon today there were three little Thuggees.             One little Thuggee was called Rotten Ra, due to his egotistic belief that he rose in the east like the Sun god of ancient Egypt.             The second little Thuggee... Read more »

Things that make you crazy; or how why it is better to crack up than crack down

Life’s  conundrums. So many little questions that arise day in and out. Questions of why, how come and what the hell was that for? Take calling Customer Service of Fill-in-the-blank company. I dial. The disembodied voice answers with the usual BS including my personal favorite, “We at Fill-in-the-blank company value your call. Please enter your account number... Read more »

DePaul Stadium at McCormick Place; South Loop Neighbors Say NO

At 6:30 PM on June 27th, 2013 a gathering of small town America happened in a Chicago neighborhood known as Prairie District. Hosted by the PDNA (Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance) and led by their leader Tina Feldstein, the gathering was held in the sanctuary of Second Presbyterian Church (1936 S. Michigan Avenue); a landmark Gothic revival... Read more »

Top 10 Reasons Against DePaul's Stadium in South Loop

As for my TEN top reasons in opposition of the proposed DePaul stadium in the South Loop, let me count the ways. Number 1:  It makes no sense financially. This according to that maven knowledge of the juxtaposition of sports and money, ESPN. Number 2:  The majority of the neighbors are opposed to it. Number 3:  DePaul students... Read more »

Confused in the South Loop-DePaul Stadium to be in 2nd or 3rd Ward?

Isn’t easy being from the South Loop neighborhood directly affected by the anointed DePaul Stadium project.  More like having Bigfoot stomp on your face with no recourse. Talk about Taxation Without Representation of the Tea Party days of yore. Or is it too much representation?  I’m just not sure. When you are represented by two... Read more »

The DePaul Stadium: Is it a boondoggle?

The South Loop Prairie District is miles from DePaul. Miles. Eight long, city jammed miles. Most of us in the South Loop couldn’t find the school without Google. Nevertheless, for some so far unidentified reason, Mayor Emanual is set to announce that DePaul’s 18 games need a NEW stadium and that new stadium MUST be built in... Read more »
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