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My So-Called Immune System (IgG and me)

“How the hell did you know?” inquired my new allergy/immunology doctor as he entered the exam room. How indeed. Perhaps because I’d lived in this human vessel for over six decades? Or perhaps because I had noted that when others got the sniffles, I got an infection that all too often required antibiotics at least... Read more »

My Destination Wedding

Days after finishing college in the summer of 1972, I ran away from my parents’ home in Houston, Texas to Lima, Peru. I don’t remember if I could identify Peru on a map at the time; but details, right? When one is young and in love, one will go anywhere to be with the loved... Read more »

My Antisemitism Experience(s)

“Well, Candace is still married to that JEW Boy!” In the late 1990s I stood outside the bedroom door of my 80-something year old father only to hear him slander the man I’d loved and lived with for over 25 years. I was stunned, but not surprised. After all, hadn’t the bigotry storyline been a... Read more »

My Sex Assault; Why Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony Set Me Free

Watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford give witness to her sex assault by Kavanaugh, I feel empowered to give witness to my sex assault. But I am afraid. In the era of soulless trolls, as more than one friend has counselled, it will open me up for derision and disbelief. But, as Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey... Read more »

Munchhausen Mothers like Virginia; sick women who make their children sick

“Did your mother like being the mother of a sick child?” asked the new psychiatrist as he ended our first 90 minute session. My sleep deprived brain tried to remember the name of the book I’d read 20 years earlier about a mother poisoning her child to get attention as the mother of a chronically... Read more »

The Mother-in-Law (The Interview Oprah Missed)

You heard us before you saw us. With a jubilant scream, we’d run across rooms to embrace–startling bystanders and timid animals alike. At this point our heads would tilt together as we jabbered and finished each other’s sentences. So much to catch up from the last time we’d been together. My wonderful, BFF mother-in-law, Bea,... Read more »

Nursery Rhyme for the Abused Child

Ode to the ACE Test There was a young girl whose ACE score was high, I do know why her ACE score was high. Perhaps she’ll die (early). Epigenetics spilled chemicals awry, All because her ACE score was high. Perhaps she’ll die (early). Neurons were murdered, synapses soon die, All because her ACE score was... Read more »

IgG and Me; The Immune System

You cannot see what I’m missing, but missing something very important, I am. So when my new Allergy/Immunologist doctor wanted to do allergy testing, I said okay. But I also wanted him to check my immune system. Why? his face said, but given he was doing blood work anyway, one more test didn’t matter. When... Read more »

How to kill religion in a kid? Beat the shit out of them, 'for their own good'

As the modern day Sherlock Holmes said on Elementary, “I’ve seen enough parental abuse to know that things are always the same. When someone, whose job it is to nurture you, hurts you instead, it cannot help but have a profound and lasting effect on your sense of who you are.” Science now posits childhood trauma... Read more »

The Handmaid's Tale; a storyline for yesterday and today

Beyond the excellent production values and performers, The Handmaid’s Tale resonates as a story of how the male patriarchy dominates the female. Once a month the male “Commander” ceremonially rapes the female handmaid, while his wife watches and holds holds the young woman’s arms. He is dominant. They are mere things he dominates. Having spent... Read more »
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    TIMELINE June 1972 to June 1973---Candace moves to Lima (Peru)----- June 1973 to May 1974---Candace and The Husband live in Glendale AZ----- May 1974 to August 1974---Living in Toronto, Ontario (Canada)----- September 1974 to May 1975---Living in Aberdeen SD----- May 1975 to July 1979---Living in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)----- July 1979 to June 1980---Living in Asuncion (Paraguay)----- June 1980 to September 1980---Living in NYC----- September 1980 to November 1982---Living in Connecticut----- November 1982 to January 1983---Living in Ponce, Puerto Rico (USA)----- February 1983 to July 1986---Living in Willemstad, Curacao (Netherlands Antilles)----- July 1986 to July 1989---Living in Guayaquil (Ecuador)----- July 1989 to July 1995---Living in Connecticut (yes, again)----- July 1995 to August 2001---Living in Mexico City (Mexico)----- August 2001---Return to Gringolandia (a.k.a. United States of America)----- I was an accidental expatriate; love and marriage led me to it. One day I was a bandy-legged kid sitting atop my dogwood tree looking out of my small backyard world in 1950s New Jersey, wanting to move somewhere--anywhere, different. Next thing I knew I met a young hirsute anti-war, soon-to-be-Peace Corps volunteer, fell in love and moved to Peru in the 1970s. WHAT an adventure it's been!! NOTE: I gave up Facebook, so apologies that I cannot answer any comments since it is only set up via FB.

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