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St. Patrick's Day; a reminder of bigotry toward the immigrant

On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone identifies as Irish as we hoist green beer–or in Chicago, whoo-hoo the green river–celebrating all things Irish. And yet we forget. It’s happened all too often before. It is happening again. In these days when those in charge of the Federal Government want to stigmatize a person by their place of... Read more »

Get the hell out of Chicago, before you're a gunshot statistic (that is, if counted)

Finally pulling up big girl knickers to read Elie Wiesel’s legendary autobiographical book “Night”, one portion stabbed my memory like an icicle to my heart. The remembrance of his father who would not or could not move from the darkening violence that was coming. Violence that came to be called, The Holocaust. Memory is slippery,... Read more »

The Gun Shots Heard Round the World; Death the American Way

The 50 dead (so far) in Orlando from the latest and greatest number of dead from a USA mass shooting shows in dying red that America is Number One in something! Mass murders. We’ve made America Great Again, at something. Aren’t we proud? Where are the cheers of the Trump-inistas, “We’re Number ONE, We’re number ONE”? Pay... Read more »

What's the matter with the USA? (Psst. It's become 3rd rate, 3rd World)

As we enter Memorial Day weekend and American brains shift into SUMMER mode (especially in Western Massachusetts where the weather has an unusual fever of 90F as of today), can we discuss what’s not working in the USA besides US Congress starring Speaker Paul Ryan’s GOP? How about the news reports of the TSA lines... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Strike and Mayor Emanuel

The only April Fools today are the citizens of Chicago who foolishly voted back in Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the short-fingered (one especially so) politician. As for the Chicago teachers strike today, has anyone asked why Chicago property taxes don’t cover city services. Considered to have some of the highest property taxes in the nation, why... Read more »

Marie Kondo, Chicago and me; change where you live and change your life

Massachusetts is different from Illinois. For one thing, it’s easier to misspell. And I clearly do that having never learned how to spell it with that same rap-like rhyme of my elementary school days, “M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I.” And yes, my blog title is misspelled, but that was purposeful. In 2014 when I downsized a la Marie Kondo’s... Read more »

10 Days of Chicago Christmas; or 10 Reasons to Leave the Burg

Why would one leave Chicago? Let me count the reasons….and why I’ll sadly take my taxes to pay them in Massachusetts where the government invests in the citizenry. Yes Kristin. The public schools of 8-9-and-10 stars of 10 are actually funded! 1. The gunshot in front of our house Christmas night. Never reported by the... Read more »

Rotten Cops; Rotten Realtors; Rotten Doctors: and why gangs and cops share code of silence

The rotten apple taints the good one equally, whether in the orchard or field of work. Like a dry rot, the good are destroyed from within by protecting the bad ones among them. So why doesn’t this change? Aesop or someone else said that “one bad apple spoils the rest”, yet nothing changes. The code... Read more »

The Empty-ish House; an ode to leaving Chicago

Sherlock Holmes’s Adventures of the Empty House were his return. For me and we after almost a dozen years lived in Chicago, the empty-ish house it is a parting of the ways with the South Loop and with the wider City of Chicago. No longer will I contact my Alderman Pat Dowell on behalf of... Read more »

Drunk Blackhawks Fans Block Loop--Bread & Circuses Chicago Style

While the City of Chicago City Council votes to go into yet further debt because Bossman Rotten Rahm evidences “never do today what can be put off to tomorrow” management skills–the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win distracts suburban and city dwellers alike. Pay no attention to the 47 bobble headed alderman who go along to... Read more »
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