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Drunk Blackhawks Fans Block Loop--Bread & Circuses Chicago Style

While the City of Chicago City Council votes to go into yet further debt because Bossman Rotten Rahm evidences “never do today what can be put off to tomorrow” management skills–the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win distracts suburban and city dwellers alike. Pay no attention to the 47 bobble headed alderman who go along to... Read more »

What to do free in Chicago during #DraftTown summer

  Before the “Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist” show waves it’s jazzy toodle-loo to the City of Chicago to travel to NYC’s world-renowned, newly designed Whitney Museum of American Art, why not visit it on the 4th floor of the Chicago Cultural Center in the Loop? In New York it will set you back $22 plus... Read more »

King of Siam, is still taken seriously in Thailand

After Myanmar, we arrive at Bangkok, Thailand’s airport, a shrine to efficiency and modernity. Opened in 2006 after 45 years of governmental wrangles, The Chicago Tribune ran John Hilkevitch’s article explaining why Thailand’s taxi line is so user-friendly compared to Chicago O’Hare’s dangerously cold, up to hour wait, in a long outdoor taxi line. Technology. While Chicago still... Read more »

Why "Je suis Charlie" (and you should be too.)

With the attention of the civilized world riveted on the uncivilized murder of our fellow citizenry, another French provocateur’s statement came to mind. ”I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Amen to M. Voltaire. Je suis Charlie! Freedom of speech is easy when... Read more »

Protecting Us to Death; how to get away with torture and murder

What’s the difference between one out of control government agency and another. Not much. On the one hand in redacted color is the torture policy of the United States of America CIA, on the other hand are (some) police over-the-top actions by those allegedly sworn to “protect and serve”? In one, the storied CIA lied... Read more »

Saving Planet Earth Today

Saving the planet begins with my always quirky husband. “Did you see the link I sent about how to dry your hands with only one paper towel?” “Humm?” I responded. If you haven’t seen the TED video, you can. It’s a small step, but as one might suggest–one step, then two, three…and more. Soon you’re... Read more »

Why I didn't sue the City of Chicago

“Sue the city of Chicago” said my acquaintance. “Why not just sue ‘em!” Why not indeed. Flashbacks to the early 1990s in Westport CT, a.k.a. Beverly Hills East, when the local weekly newspaper headline told the tale of a kid suing Nintendo. What grounds? The game hadn’t lived up to little Richie Rich’s expectations. Oh... Read more »

To be a real patriot-vote on November 4, 2014

To my right-wing conservative friends, please vote. Really. As a progressive liberal, I want everyone to vote. People who give a shit, vote. Or at the very least they will try to, given the shenanigans various Republican run states are creating. So I will vote in 2014. And given that far less than half of... Read more »

Everything is Weirder in Texas

If the south is said to be noted for it’s hospitality, the southwest state called Texas is known for its weirdness.  They even sell an overpriced tee shirt saying so at the Austin Airport. I thought I knew Texas. Hadn’t I done middle and high school in the always soggy, car-centric Houston, Texas in the... Read more »

Why does the Chicago Tribune force me to cancel my subscription?

Old-school as we are, we have hard copy newspaper subscriptions to both the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times. Everyday PLONK goes the satisfying sound of news in glorious black & white. And anyhow how the hell do two people read different news on one iPad? It’s clearly a family thing. Our son reads newspapers... Read more »
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