Discrimination Against Bladders and Kidneys; or the (not so) Public Toilet


The recent bias episode of two gentlemen arrested in a Starbucks after one asked to use the public toilet brings up many serious questions. Why did an employee call -911? Why arrest the men and not arrest me when I've ask the same question in Starbucks? And when the hell will we ever learn, to quote the iconic lyrics of my youth?

Another question is when did public toilets stop being available to the public, only available to the paying public?

Is the requirement to buy something in a business to pay for the toilet's wear and tear, toilet paper, water, soap etc? Or is it mandated to prevent those people from using it? Talk about another example of dehumanizing bias.

How much should a human animal pay to use the public toilet? In the Waterloo UK train station the public female toilet costs 30 pence, or 43 cents US as of today's internet exchange rate. So would it be reasonable to charge 50 cents to use the public toilet in America?

And why is it so often businesses that sell food and drink to the public who do not allow the public to use their public toilet? Don't these businesses realize that their products are why people need toilets? Biology 101 people, we are animals who need to urinate and/or defecate. If you don't allow us to do so sanitarily, you are contributing to potential public urination (and worse).

The good businesses I frequent like Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Trader Joe's and all grocery stores offer free toilets. Stew Leonard's even had flowers in the public toilets, oh joy! None of these ever demanded that I buy first and pee later. Some even put their public toilets by the public front door, welcoming they human customers with biological needs.

Grow up American business to give my kidneys and bladder a break. Open up the toilet to humans.





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