Sex, Panto and the Brits (who breathed a sigh of relief to expel the Puritans in America)

Though not a historian (nor a Brit though I do have British grandsons), I do believe that island nation once breathed a collective sigh of relief to unload those dull and sexually priggish Puritans over the pond to America. Let the natives there deal with 'em over there.

And deal with them we Americans still do. After all, in Britain the concept of a 'war on Christmas' would be risible; in America it's considered serious news by bubble-headed talking heads at Fox News.

So as the Mother Nature sent her winter blast to North America, I settled down to PBS to watch Eric Idle's The Entire Universe. After all, nothing warms the heart like the hearty laughter of a Christmas pantomime. No white-faced silent 'Frenchy' Marcel Marceau these--snark intentional--but women and men in dresses delivering jokes about everything, including sex.

Yes, this pantomime is not the traditional family friendly fare I'd go with my grandsons to, but don't adults need a explosive giggle or LOL, too? And it did have some serious physics with Professor Brian Cox's lectures on cosmology.

This over-the-top sexual humor isn't new to the British. In the last century, there were dozens of Carry On films  whose "...stock-in-trade...was innuendo", often satirizing "British institutions".

Then there is was the long run of the satirical show, No Sex Please, We're British that Wikipedia says ran an astounding 6,761 times in the UK. In America it flopped after 16 performances. Americans didn't demonstrate much of a sense of humor about sex.

And who could ignore the absurdly absurd Benny Hill chasing, leering and generally "sexually harassing" women? I didn't when I lived a short time in Ponce PR. It was silly and funny, but I've never met a testosterone fueled male who doesn't find The Three Stooges silly and funny too.

So back to Eric Idle of Monty Python fame (if not fortune.) The title of the show, Eric Idle's The Entire Universe brought the hope of one of his songs within the show. And yes, Eric, you met my expectations. Thank you.

So as a ball falls in NYC and  you watch the date go from 2017 to 2018--remember time is imaginary according to Professor Brian Cox---and the ludicrosity of life and the world within we live it sinks your heart, just click on this one link. And consider.

Spring is coming.



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