Alderman Brendan Reilly Dumps NIMBY Casino on South Loop

Having rolled the citizenry of the South Loop on the DePaul Basketball stadium, the City of Chicago in the person of NIMBY Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) wants to dump a casino in the South Loop too. Why not, given the silence of the lambs living in the area? Where is the leadership of the neighborhood to say "whoa Nellie!", can we at least talk about this with the neighborhood?

And what a load of hypocrisy from NIMBY Alderman Reilly who speciously argued against the incursion of those multi-race rugrats of the Chicago Children's Museum, but finds no problem dumping what he wouldn't want in his ward-- on our ward. Relocate the Children's Museum in his area, never; put a casino in another person's neighborhood, what a great idea!

Like an abused wife, the South Loop has been beaten into submission, to just take it on the chin without asking for any input. How sad. Deep in the chill of an early sub-freezing temperature is hardly the time to catch a neighbor to ask, What do you think?

As to Alderman Reilly's statement that casinos offer great economic opportunity, so did the Black Death. For grave diggers and bell ringers. But Atlantic City is an example of but one poster child for how casinos don't help the neighborhood. The photos bring up the question, if this is what things look like now, how the hell do you call this an improvement Alderman Reilly?

But in Chicago fixed studies give predetermined outcomes; everything old is truly new again. And what the hell, maybe the City can use our TIF monies too, just to rub more financial salt into our wounds.

That we live in an era of magical thinking is clear, mythologies die slowly. It is so very easy to fix a study, right McPier? But it would be nice, just for a change of pace, to ask for input from the citizens before doing something relatively permanent. Before graduate students write another thesis or another book about the Zimbabwe-like dictatorial city government we have in Chicago.

And my husband thinks I'm not an optimist.


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