Ashamed of America-Exceptional only at Mass Murder

Ashamed of America-Exceptional only at Mass Murder
Change the Law

So gun owners, do you feel more masculine?

94,126 dead in the US so far this year--are you proud? That according to Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence.

More of a stud, for protecting the Second Amendment? You killed, what 18--22, how many kids in Connecticut who even in WalMart can't buy a gun (though a teenager can).

Better than Viagra "...happiness is a warm gun...." Always gets it perky, right?

I am ashamed of my country who hasn't gotten it yet--live by the gun, die and kill your kids by the gun. I've been blabbering for how long, about this? Early in my marriage and I just celebrated year 40. Still remember joining my first anti-gun group.

I am ashamed of Americans for hiding their sorry asses behind a piece of paper written by men who owned people like Rep. Danny Davis and President Obama. We did away with slavery. We can grow up and stop this assault on Americans and our BLOODY CHILDREN (look up the word bloody, in British English and American English, in this case I mean it both ways).

I am ashamed of people I know and love, who think they are safer with a gun. What would they think if it was THEIR grandson who was killed at the barely-out-of-diapers age of five-years-old. I hope four-year-old D doesn't get shot in his kindergarten.

I'm ashamed of the City of Chicago and Mayor Emanuel who have done nothing.

I'm ashamed of Rep. Danny Davis (IL-D) who has done nada.

I'm ashamed of Sen. Mark Kirk (IL-R) who has done nothing.

I'm ashamed of Sen. Dick Durbin (IL-D) who's done zip.

I'm ashamed of President Obama, whose daughters could have been the ones killed, and who has done absolutely nothing only worsening the situation by opening the National Parks to guns. Why? To kill the wildlife, shoot at rocks and hit a tourist?

I'm ashamed of any one who would send their money to the NRA to encourage more death. You aren't a gun owners, you're a death mongers.

And mostly, I'm ashamed of you and me. Well mostly you given I've been at the pulpit about this for so very long. We let this happen. And it will happen again, and again, and again--till there is no child left to kill.

So kiss and hold those you love tight. Thanks to YOU and me, and our so-called wuss representatives in government you killed a bunch of kids today. Wusses? Yes, who like a medal bedecked general lead from behind.

To my daughter living abroad with her two young boys, do NOT move back to the USA--it's too violent. Maybe I can move in with her before some shoots me because they are having a bad day. freedom from fear of someone with a gun is freedom. When my freedom is trumped by your gun toting paranoia, what sort of idiot nation is this?

If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the murdering NRA death mongers.
Hey-hey-ho-ho-how many mass murderers did you arm today Gun Owners of America?

So as you wet-eyed-sit about the Christmas tree, think about your enabling of mass murderers. YES, YOU.

Time to tax the bullets. As a start. And requiring insurance on pay for those they kill and maim.


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    Owning a gun isn't about masculinity - unless you're a liberal who enjoys sneaking a sexual innuendo and backhanded attack into a conversation.

    Perhaps you were blissfully unaware, but the case that is forcing Illinois to join the other 49 states and finally address concealed carry - Shephard v. Madigan? Shephard is Mary Shepard, who was the treasurer of her church and was viciously attacked and beaten by a six-foot-three-inch, 245-pound man with a violent past and a criminal record.

    As the old saw goes, "God didn't make man equal, Colonel Colt did". In this case lawfully owned firearms give women, smaller statured persons or the handicapped the ability to defend themselves from the bigger, the meaner and the stronger.

    But hey, who cares about them, right? We need to "Do something"!!!

    I find it laughable that you include a statistic from the Brady Campaign about gun violence. Mrs Brady herself revealed the true purpose of her organization in 1994. It's not about "preventing gun violence" as their title claims - on the Donohue Show she clearly stated "We must get rid of all the guns".

    I suppose that would "prevent gun violence" in the same way that getting rid of all the cars would prevent drunk driving. But would it stop criminals from killing innocents, or the despondent from shrugging off this mortal coil? Hardly.

    A little history for you - the Brady Campaign was formerly known as Handgun Control Inc. In 1976, their Chairman Nelson Shields, stated the goal of HCI was making the possession of all handguns and all handgun ammunition illegal. (at least they're consistent)

    So much like trusting the Klan for information about blacks or Jews, a person outside the equation could perhaps see a bias inherent in their interpretation of statistics, could they not?

    The use of suicides and lawfully justified homicides - a ploy they repeatedly utilize - inflates the statistics on guns they imply were used to kill innocents. How many of those "innocents" were engaged in criminal activity when they were killed, and how many were killed by other criminals? How many of the killers were already prohibited under any one of the thousands of laws currently in effect from owning or possessing that firearm? Oddly enough, your agenda-driven statistics fail to consider those points.

    You prattle about how you are "ashamed of your country" for the rate of gun violence, and ashamed of the people you "know and love who think they are safer with a gun". Obviously ignorance is bliss.

    While you boast about "remember(ing) joining my first anti-gun group" you must never have heard of the 1.5 to 2.5 million lawful uses of firearms in self defense that occur annually.

    Those studies aren't from the NRA, they vary from a National institute of Justice study titled "Guns in America: National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms" by Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig to the one performed by Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz titled "Armed Resistance to Crime: The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense With a Gun," published in The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology of the Northwestern University School of Law.

    Even if we accept the (horribly and artificially) inflated HCI - excuse me, Brady claims of 94,126 people dead, that's a heck of a comparative difference, isn't it?

    2,000,000 > 94,126

    You claim you're "ashamed" of a laundry list of politicians who have all promoted, proposed and supported dome of the most draconian (that means bad) legislation concerning the right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

    Let me repeat that - Law abiding citizens, not criminals.


    The criminals are the ones who are killing the score of people on the south and west sides every weekend, not the guy who owns a gun in Jackson County (but gets blamed instead of the 4 corner hustler with the pocket full of drugs and the two foot long rap sheet). They are the ones who buy guns illegally, carry them illegally and shoot other criminals for selling drugs on the wrong corner or for wearing the wrong color shirt.

    Although I will agree to a commonality. I too am ashamed of the same politicians you are, although my reasoning is different.

    When I swore the same Oath they did (to support and defend the Constitution of the United States) I wasn't offered the chance to pick and choose which of the Amendments I would support, and which I would seek to destroy.

    Proposals like the ones you support are anathema to the ideals of the Founders. Try reading the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers to discover why the various Amendments were included when the Constitution was constructed.

    You speak of being ashamed of allowing guns in the National Parks, and provide a specious suggestion of tourists being shot, when (like most predictions from those who seek to disarm us) such incidents never occur.

    You call the NRA and their membership "death mongers". Well guess what? I propose that you are the one supporting death.

    In your woefully naive world view, if we only passed enough (or "the right) laws, then we would magically become a blissful utopia, where nobody would die from guns, and unicorns would drink free bubble-up from rainbow fountains. Kind of like the diehard Communists who ignore the failed case studies of Marx's utopia and insist that the people, the time, or the leaders were somehow at fault.

    I am a sworn officer and have been answering 9-1-1 calls for over 20 years. You suggestion that law abiding citizens be forced to abandon their means of defense because of the acts of criminals is more than ludicrous, it verges on the edge of aiding and abetting criminal behavior. For the politicians (at the very least) it's a willing abandonment of the Oaths of office sworn by those politicians you mentioned.

    I wasn't a member of the NRA before December, but after seeing them called "death mongers" and seeing people who share your view (and claim to be the only ones "open to discussion" and "tolerant") call for the death of NRA members? I joined.

    Thanks to you and other like you for the motivation.

    You warn your daughter that America is too violent.

    Dig deeper into those statistics you casually throw about. You'll discover that we are inherently a violent country. Something about being a “non-homogenous culture” is the reason provided by several sociologists. We kill each other in any number of creative and violent ways, including using things not on your ban list - yet.

    Law abiding citizens with guns aren't the problem. In fact, multiple studies have shown that the people who obtain concealed carry permits have a rate of criminal offense of 2/10 of one percent. The "regular citizens" who don't have a criminality rate of about 7%.

    If you don't want to own a gun that's your business. But don't you dare try to keep me or my wife from being able to defend ourselves and our family to appease your insecurities.

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