Incompetence in Florida, purposefully

Feeling like a summer re-run---remember summer reruns?---in Florida with impossibly long lines to vote early. Five hour line reportedly. FIVE HOURS Chicago. And my neighbor complained about an hour door to out of the door to early vote at Chicago Bee Library?

What is it about Florida? Chads, hanging and dangling. People who run into things while driving, while, can I put this for a family audience? While they are grooming their neither regions that I don't see on US beaches.

Is it the sun? Too much sun? Having spent a bit of time there in February this year, at an art fair that is HUGE...even The Donald definition of HUGE. I do believe it IS the sun.

I mean, look at poor Gov. Rick Scott. Bald as the billiard ball. All that sun has muddled his thinking. His management skills, given he's ensured less time for THOSE people (read any racist epithet you wish) to vote.

After all, the last governor opened up the polls to THOSE people and look who won the presidency. One of THOSE people.

So though it may be the sun, the incompetence of  Governor Rick Scott is legendary now. Another lousy formerly-overpaid manager, who got elected to his level of incompetence.

Sound like anyone running this year?


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