Why we will drop AT&T

As the sun rises in the east, the calls begin.
No, I'm not a deadbeat with debt issues.
No, my ex isn't stalking me.
I'm the victim of robo-recorded calls from an alleged Illinois number-708-856-8824 trying to sell me something I never asked for. When I call the number back, bet you're surprised- no one answers and I get an error message.

Did what we could. Reported over and over, up to three times a day to the Do Not Call list. If the Feds tax a nickel a robocall might make a dent in the debt.

As for the Do Not Call list, hahhhahh. Seems to only encourage more calls, but maybe that is from my tin-foil hat I'm wearing to protect myself from this strange liquid falling from the sky. Tom Skilling may call it rain, I call it a long absent, strange event this year.

It isn't the first time we've had these nuisance calls. Most recently there was Rachel and her pre-recorded messages. Now again, over and over the calls come. Ah, and yet new numbers pop-up today.

We asked AT&T to block it, but so far-- no luck. So maybe we just need to cancel the landline to end the harassment. When we call the number from a cell, we get a pre-recorded message. When we call from the landline--we can't reach the 708 number. We ended our long distance, so clearly 708 isn't a local number.

Any wonder I don't answer calls from strangers and "private caller" blocked phones? Given these calls turn off customers from having a landline, you'd think influential AT&T would stop them...if they wanted to. Clearly they do not want to.

AT&T must like the numbers the robocalls generate.

I do not like AT&T.

And T-Mobile, now the calls come to my cell--veiled like a cheap stripper as--"Private Caller."




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    I am glad to find there is a way to connect our cell phones to our old "land lines". # AT&T today said, that the person who told me that I could be connected to #60 was wrong (lied?) and that they had put our phones to where it would not allow people to see who was calling. Exit out of land lines, before you are the last one connected.

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