October 2017, or Down the Rabbit Hole With Revolution 3.0

Preview of Coming Attractions

It was back in 2012 when I heard the idea to end taxes for business.

Who'd a thunk--they'd do it?

Up early this morning--lark that I am--I look out my window to see more sink holes on Michigan Avenue--now a toll road--apparently there isn't enough cash to longer cover the repairs after the profits are taken. I smirk to see a Romney/Ryan 2012 bumper sticker on the ass of an old Hummer that fell in the sink hole.

Fox News had said that the privatization of Chicago's roads and CTA buses under the second Romney Administration would improve. Given it is the only channel left on the television screens--very 1984 now--it must be right.

The newly privatized CTA transit system costs a whopping $12 PER ride--so I walk a lot more. Good for the hips, lousy in winter. I don't need to walk to the Art Institute of Chicago to volunteer. The volunteer program was ended when the visitor numbers plunged--who could afford to come to Chicago.  The paintings were deaccessioned and sold to the uber-rich one-by-one, or so they say. So I read and re-read the dictionary and other books I still have now that the public library closed. There was no one to fund it once the Chicago government was closed down.

We have China-tized our environment, so winters are getting positively hot. Last Christmas my tomato plants came back to life--at least long enough to flower and to begin to put on fruit. Even Tom Skilling would have been amazed had he still been on the television.  Miami high rises have boats to get around with the seas rising, and is HOT as hell--running around 100 F year-round.

No one flies any more, not without safety nets like the  Federal agencies-- TSA or air controllers--all were outsourced. When air traffic is run from China--even Gretchen Carlson's roots went dark.  So I try to use the internet more to see friends and family, but that too has declined without Fed money to maintain the infrastructure. And the day that the new owners of the internet added a 20 cent per email charge, I just couldn't afford to reach out and touch anyone very much. Email has become as costly as Pony Express letters once had been, that is before the USPS--another Federal agency that is gone.

As for Social Security, forget about it. Bought out by Wall Street, it is more of a lottery than a dependable payment. As for Medicare, all that Obamacare stuff was killed off when President Romney and the GOP Congress took over in 2012. It also killed off 40 million Americans who had depended on it. The Administration said that was for the common good and Fox News concurred--Death Panels replaced by Pruning Panels.

Despite this, there is still a overstaffed US Military. Maybe it is like cockroaches, said to inherit the earth. If the magnetic poles switch--as they are overdue to--all that brass should really throw some on their keesters.

Washington DC is Lobbyist central. When the Koch Brothers bought the US Capital Building on Ebay, Ed Schultz on MSNBC had a heart attack.  But instead, with the FCC gone--MSNBC and all non-Fox channels just were not renewed. Rupert Murdoch had a face lift--and now has a cherubic face that looks suspiciously like Ed Schultz's. Wonder what Wendy Schultz thinks about Wendy Murdoch living with the face she loved?

There is a small version of the old Chicago Tribune/Sun-Times that is sold from time to time on street corners. It says there is to be an election soon--but that I'll need a recent passport, birth certificate and drug test to vote. Given my passport expired in 2015 and there is no agency to issue new ones, I'm one of the 99% who cannot vote.

Probably doesn't matter given the 22nd Amendment was repealed.

Maybe that bumper sticker on the Hummer is current?

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