Netflix Sucks-Loses ENTIRE queue--one of the 15%

So, going out of town for 6 weeks and then back, then another 3 gone--I thought, well put the old Netflix on suspend. As I have done for years.

Can't do it. Took forever to find how to do it now. No they don't put this helpful info on their web site. Au contraire...too easy for the user. Might give us "ideas".

By Googling I find there is a new system. For the new system, I had to CLOSE my account. As if I'd never be back. The new system said I had X time --I thought it was 3 months--before I would lose my queue.

Back to life I put the Full Monty Netflix back up today, hard DVDs and streaming--and my queue is gone. The entire 140 (mas or menos) list of films I'd had on it for--oh, 10 years or so.

To quote my son in a more polite way--WTF?

First, if I counted the days wrong--they couldn't send me an email saying...renew or lose it?

Second, did I count the days wrong?

Third, what sort of user unfriendly system makes me have to CANCEL my account to put it on hold?

Fourth, my darling husband calls the number on the site. Gets a live English-speaker, wow. That alone is worth a blog. The person named Stephanie says, whoops. Ain't 'sposed to happen THAT way. Really. And how am I supposed to know that?

So now we wait.

Twenty-minutes, Stephanie said. Tick-tock-tick-tock.

Twenty-two minutes later--guess what?

No queue.

Call again. Oh, blah-blah-wait till tomorrow. Blah-blah. Admitted it was Netflix error. Admitted they've ha d a problem for a couple of weeks. Admitted of those who had put accounts on hold as we had---15 per cent lost their queues. So much that brilliant new format of Netflix.

When asked if Netflix would compensate us--told NO.

So consider this if you Netflix. They don't care about their customers at all.

I feel a CEO letter about to go out. And this gets better. I have to keep my DVD plan open to allow them to find my queue, which means theoretically I will be forced to pay for a plan they erased my DVDs from. If I were a tin foil hat wearer, might even wonder if this were a way to weed out DVD renters. But I am just a mouthy consumer who has to wonder, God, what crack or meth are Netflix on?

HOT SCOOP. Netflix emailed me this afternoon to say, my queue was lost but could be remedied. Oye veh. Truly. It's back.

But the question remains. Who is running this company, with what IT given they want to all IT it with all streaming only and no DVD?

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    Welcome to the first world with this problem.

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