Mother Nature Burning Up

Driving the last thousand miles of a 5000 mile trip about the west, I have experienced the drought and climate change firsthand. From the corn rows dead in the fields of Iowa and Nebraska, to the overwhelming smoke poisoning the air in Idaho and making it look like Mexico City's, where I lived for six years.

Now on Interstate 90 in South Dakota we were part of a mass of traffic that was stopped late this afternoon, stopped dead by fires on either side of the road, turning many of us around to overnight from where we'd come. Miles of Interstate closed east and west for 15 miles. Didn't hear of it between The Voice and Storage Wars? Might want to reconsider your television options.

Mother Nature is literally burning up and let me make this perfectly clear...humanity had better take note. Global climate change isn't some menopause joke for the science-phobics. It's real. It's outside your window. Really.

Ask the UK who this spring had drought and flooding, almost at the same time.

Ask the agro-business professionals who count off on their fingers the record problems worldwide, running out of fingers to do so.

Ask the traders finding beans in the teens the new normal.

Cry out to the lazy politicians to enact laws to protect the environment to protect yourself, and all of us. Do it, if for no other reason than your children or other younger people. It may be too late, but consider Don Quixote, do the impossible.



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  • Do you think it is any coincidence that since the Forest Service has disallowed selective logging in forests that there is a tremendous uptick in forest fires?

    This was a hot summer, but not as hot as 1988, and not as hot as some summers in the 1930's and before.

    The overwhelming smoke and smog you experienced in Mexico City is because developing nations, including Mexico and China, do not have the money and do not care to do even basic measures to reduce smog.

    I also question your sincerity. You drove the last 1000 miles of a 5000 mile trip...why? I am sure if you tried hard enough there was an alternative group transit. If not, you should have just skipped that part of the trip if you really believed in sacrifice for a larger purpose.

    Always great to get tips on the environment for us great unwashed and not for thee.

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