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Got Meat?

Is it ethical to eat meat asked the Ethicist at New York Times? Define ethical. As the red-covered dictionary sitting on my desk does, ethics is “a system of moral principles….” What system? Whose? Humans are omnivores, able to eat it all. But should we? In this dog-eat-dog world, why not eat a dog? Why... Read more »

NEW Fox offering, the Shooting Channel

New from the Fox, underwritten by the NRA, is the show you’ve waited for. The Shooting Channel. Daily a murderous rampage will be dissected, glorifying the mass murderer with details from his–and it is usually his–life. With full documentation as to why gun control wouldn’t have stopped yet another person from killing Americans and the... Read more »

Grocery without groceries

Old habit kicked in, and so I went to Dominick’s on Roosevelt. Beyond the reality that they decided to rearrange the place, yet again, so I never found canned chick peas or other things. Beyond the place was FREEZING….or about 65 F on a 90 something day, so I didn’t have my winter coat. Beyond... Read more »

Monday Night Football at the Olympics

“Are you ready for some FOOTBALL????” We were. En route to our last scheduled event with tickets for football at Wembley on a Monday night, we were more than ready for some football. To Americans it may be called soccer, but in the UK it was and is football. Logical given it’s played with foot.... Read more »

Second Amendment Justice

As read in UK press and USA The Week, a man in Nevada carrying a legally concealed gun-shot himself in the tush. I’ll resist The Onion-esque headline, What an Ass. After London–where carrying means walking through an organic farmers market carrying a plastic draft beer–the justice of an idiot shooting himself was too sweet. Carrying... Read more »

Representative anti-Contraception

Given Mitt Romney and His anointed VP Paul Ryan’s desire to end hormonal birth control availability, a.k.a. The Pill, why would my sisters vote for them? Her name was Molly. We’d heard about her in 1983 long before we met her. She was already infamous. The word in the expatriate community was out. “There’s and... Read more »

Went to bed in Ward 2-Woke up to in Ward 3

So I went to bed with my voter card saying I was in Ward 2. Woke up to find my NEW voter card says, Ward 3. Ah. Chicago politics at it’s best. Or is that, at its worst. How the hell did my ward change before the clock ran out on the Ward 2 Alderman’s... Read more »

What I learned in London--during the 2012 Olympics

Lessons learned during London’s 2012 Olympics were varied and scattershot.  But as always, educational. Two young men in red flag Canadian tee shirts were pushing a bin full to bursting with packaged snack foods. They stopped at the pedestrian crossing light. Chatting them up, we learned these are the party nibbles for the Canadian athletes.... Read more »

Gotcha Old People party now GOP

With Paul Ryan, Mr End Medicare as we know it the GOP now has evolved to become the Gotcha Old People Party. Anyone over 65 who votes for that and against their interests should be committed.

Romney Chooses Wenlock

In a surprise announcement, Presidential hopeful chose the Olympic mascot Wenlock–proving that even in the Republican fold..diversity rules. Despite Wenlock’s one-eyed outlook, it is believed that Wenlock will bring a wider point-of-view to the narrowing mind of Romney and the Republicans. Holding a passport issued by the International Olympic Committee, this by any measure a... Read more »
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    I was an accidental expatriate; love and marriage led me to it. One day I was a bandy-legged kid sitting atop my dogwood tree looking out of my small backyard world in 1950s New Jersey, wanting to move somewhere--anywhere, different. Next thing I knew my father had accepted a job in Houston TX. I was ecstatic, it was a foreign land in 1961 America. After high school graduation, my parents’ gave me a matched set of fawn-colored hardsided American Tourister luggage. Taking the hint, I went to college; well four colleges in five years--it was the 60s after all. Meeting a young hirsute anti-war, soon-to-be-Peace Corps volunteer, I fell in love. After finishing up college coursework for my degree, but before I even walking a graduation stage, I grabbed the paper airline ticket my boyfriend had sent me, my brand-new passport, and was off to the airport and Lima, Peru.

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