USPS doesn't ring once-Danny Davis doesn't contact once

When our local postboxes were stolen away by USPS, I tried to go through the system.  The system said, gone due to NATO. Then the system said, gone due to budget cuts. So I goosed it up the food chain and wrote emails to both Representative Danny Davis and Senator Dick Durbin. As ever, I ask for a response. As ever, I only heard from one of them.

As usual, I did not get any response from Representative Davis. He clearly couldn't care less about his constituents, as I've learned first hand.

As usual, I did get a call from a man in Senator Durbin's office. Given that in my 8 years in Chicago this has been the pattern--one of my Senators responds (Mark Kirk--even before stroke--never has)--but Representative does not, any question who I vote for religiously?

And who I've given up voting for. Forever. Yep. Gonna vote for the Republican next time, even if a Tea Party nut-cake in a funny hat with a misspelled sign.


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  • Danny Davis is only interested when he is running for County Board President, except that he isn't, or Mayor, except that he isn't.

    Now, if you could get him a photo op on the 5 p.m. news, that would be different.

    All these guys (especially Durbin, Rush and Davis) are just publicity hogs, without any substance.

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