Fowls dare call it foul?

Nothing is so amusing as watching the GOP cry "foul" for President Obama's time-out on deporting young undocumented, US residents. Foul, the GOP says--you (Obama) didn't DO anything about immigration. True. In the 50-days when Obama had a technical majority, he didn't do anything about immigration. And then when the GOP blocked the DREAM Act--and anything else initiated by the Obama Administration--immigration didn't have a bipartisan chance. For the GOP, it was a question of deport or self-deport--right Mitt?

If irony wasn't thick enough, Mr. "Water-boarding is not torture" Alberto Gonzalez claimed on Fox online that Obama could be said to have ignored the will of Congress by not fulfilling his oath of office. Really Berto? Tortuously you cherry-picked what was legal for your masters. No tit for your tat?

Then unapologetic author of the infamous torture memo John Yoo calls Obama's action "Executive overreach"  on the After I fell off my treadmill laughing at his hypocrisy, I wondered--can I sue You-Who for my pain and suffering? John Yoo,  who has evaded the long-arm of the law, has the effrontery to call Obama's action, overreach?

Then on ABC I see Rep. Issa--who wastes time investigating the Obama Administration for actions begun by the Bush Administration--blabbering his contempt of the White House. As for real issues, like immigration--nope. No time in Congress.

Well, Mitt might need another pool boy from one of the myriad houses. As to that, why does he have five? Is it a throwback to his grandfather's illegal concubines that cause Gramps to move to Mexico?

After all. They say....they say any-bull-poop they want to. It came through the Internet tubes. They say Issa has a third eye, or was that Mittens? Or George Bush? Well they say. Reading a book on Henry 8th, they said Anne Boleyn had a sixth finger. Proved she was a witch. They said.

The chicken-livered GOP, so full of sub-standard noise without any substance. Ahem--To the GOP---you run the House of Reps--that means YOU are supposed to DO something governmental, yes beyond yet another ban of Federally funding abortion that are already banned, again. Reruns?

And summer is only beginning. No wonder I stream most TV ignoring the commercials. Blah blah blah blah blah, they blabber. Same old same old same old song.

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