For Sale: Synagogue Temple Israel (Miami)

When a synagogue is for sale to the highest paying member, it proves the point. The so-called religious houses of worship are in the business of selling this product called salvation; therefore, all should be taxed like any other businesses.

In a recent article Temple Israel rescinded a speaking offer to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz because one very very rich member Stanley Tate threatened to take his deep, apparently undertaxed money, out.

First, this proves the rich pay too little tax under President Obama.

Second, synagogues and churches and mosques, et. al. pay too little tax. (Well, duh.)

Once again I wondered if peace between Palestinians and Israel might not happen because the current threat to both is a fund-raiser for both.  As long each can plea, poor we...the checks keep coming.

Can you put a synagogue for sale up on Ebay? What category? Metaphysical with the magic crystals and other magic spells?

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