Civil Rights for All

Don't hide your hatred of others marrying behind the veil of your religion.  I'm not buying what you are selling, that your being selective of who are offered equal protection under the law, doesn't make you a bigot.

Or ignorant.

Or a cretin.

Or prejudiced.

Yes it does.

Get your noses out of whatever pastiche religious book you subscribe to and smell your constipated mind's blockage of equal rights for all. Civil marriage is a question of legal contractual law. Ms. A wants to contractually marry Ms. B. In law and our world, this given them rights and duties.

So what the devil is the problem?

The front page of the New York Times speaks of  how "In North Carolina, beliefs clash on marriage law." Fine. If you want to be a part of church whose law does not allow homosexuals to marry, or blacks and whites or whatever prejudice you keep locked in your hardened heart, so be it. No one is stopping you.

But you stop the civil marriage of your cousin, yeah that one who's been unmarried for 65 years but lived with a 'friend'. The government marriage certificate, a piece of paper that I only have in Spanish (having married civilly in Lima, Peru), should be--let me repeat to my bigoted acquaintances--SHOULD be available to all.

Don't tell me to read this tract or that, I read the US Constitution. And you are the reason it's necessary, for when the majority can deny a right to the minority--the equal rights for all is much more important.



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  • Very tolerant of you to condemn all those who happen to be religious, no matter what the religion.

    It is possible, you know, that those who have voted in 32 states to either affirm male/female marriage or to keep gay marriage illegal, could have had at least SOME pagan and atheist voters. Your shrill generalizations remind me very mush of those who insist that their views and ideals become law, regardless of the public sentiment.

    If the public votes to have gay marriage in the several states, fine. And other states can vote nay. That is the essence of Federalism, the cornerstone of the Constitution, which, you noted, you read.

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