The Bang Bang Channel

Given the pseudo-religiosity of some today, I wouldn't be surprised by a GOD Channel. But in the UK? Truly? Yes, that did surprise me.

What I would expect in the USA in addition to The GOD Channel would be, The Gun Channel, sponsored by the NRA.

Imagine a "Hints from Harry" who could tell how to sneak your gun into Mexico, where legal permits to own a single gun is hard to get permission for. And bullets are licensed too--so not legally available at your local WalMart. Americans are busted often for driving over the border with guns in the pick up , or just one lone bullet on the floor. Busted for bullets, how anti-American. Poor Mexico, we hypocritically lust for their drugs--they return the favor by exporting our weaponry.

The Gun Channel. Think of the crawl at the bottom of the screen, with the daily shootings discussed. All the fault of liberals and gays, of uppity women who don't stay home barefoot and pregnant talking bobble-heads could blabber. Defrocked lawyers would be hired to decry the unconstitutionality of arresting good Americans who ask in NYC, where to park their gun.

Reading about yet another high school teen who shoots up the school, would be tragic if it were not common as bed bugs in mattresses left for the trash man. The story lines are always the same.

All quotes freely cherry-picked from the New York Times article by Sabrina Tavernise and Jennifer Preston (March 1, 2012).
--"A troubled past..."
Shocking, a screwed up kid continues to be screwed up. Has the same shock value as the famous line from CASABLANCE, " Casablanca?"

--"It's too bad because no one would ever think something like this would happen..."
Said by one who clearly doesn't, think. Yes, I do think it would happen. So do others. But we are silenced with screeds about "Second Amendment" rights. I still think that Amendment is majorly misread. No I'm not a JD, but I do read English.

--"...the gun...was bought legally in August 2010."
Of course it was bought legally. Americans with guns continue to murder each other with legal weaponry, living in fear of The Other, they cling to their guns in case they need it for protection. Better to just lock the door which many still don't do.

Guns make holes in things and people. Period. If you have one, you may one day be interviewed when one grandchild kills another--so just remember, you were warned. Guns kill. Don't pretend, you didn't know.


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