Pedestrian Road Kill

Reading some of the letters to the editor in response to the Jon Hilkevitch article on pedestrians in Chicago--one letter caught my eye. That pedestrians must take care to.

Well, duh.

Clearly I never thought of that as I duck and weave my way out of the line of fire of red-light running, speeding cell-phone blabbering drivers.

Crossing S. Michigan Avenue at 18th a few days ago, with the pedestrian light in my favor and with no car in sight--how am I to know that some bozo in a big-ass black truck would come speeding west on 18th to make a left hand turn on S. Michigan-- apparently aiming for me.

Then it hit me. He didn't because I'm still nimble of foot, but it hit me. I carry an ear-piercing alarm on my key ring. Though I usually don't have it in hand during the day, I have recently due to an outbreak of street muggings even in the South Loop. I will begin to carry it  now on the sidewalks. You try to hit me, BUZZ...I make a big noise.

Embarrassing? Not to me. I am truly fed up with bicycles riding on the sidewalks and cars on streets treating pedestrians like ROAD KILL.


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