Food truck owner: "There should be more access for small businesses"

Food truck owner: "There should be more access for small businesses"
Manny Hernandez grabbed a tray holding tacos and little silver containers of salsa and guacamole. He delivered them to several people dressed in skinny jeans sitting on the tiny patio attached to his recently opened restaurant, Tamale Station, in Wicker Park. The restaurant was small and warm, heat coming from the grills. The aroma of... Read more »

Body Art Expo comes to Navy Pier June 20-22.

This weekend Navy Pier will host a tattoo & body art convention. Tattoo conventions are always a great place to check out new designs, show off your ink and meet other body art aficionados. The expo will feature human suspension and other extreme “freak” shows. Convention visitors can also participate in tattoo contests — there... Read more »

On revisiting a childhood summer house

When I think of summers as a child, I think of the boardwalk and weeks spent visiting at my grandmother’s home. At night it would be crowded. Families with hoards of hyped up children walked back and forth, stopping at stands and shops for fresh salt water taffy, warm fudge, cotton candy and souvenirs that... Read more »

Chemicals, tar and gasoline sometimes used in so-called 'black henna,' says henna artist

  The FDA doesn’t currently regulate henna use for body art, only hair-dye, says Kendra Williams, owner of Crescent Moon Henna in Chicago. Recently, several news outlets have reported that people have been permanently scarred after applying henna body art  The FDA recently issued a warning about the dangers associated with henna body art as well. But... Read more »

More community resources, not cops, needed to reduce Chicago violence

Check the news at any given point and you’re practically guaranteed to see a breaking story  about how yet another person has been shot, knifed, beaten, killed on the streets of Chicago. There are blogs dedicated specifically to detailing homicides in Chicago, the who’s and when’s and where’s. It’s not a Chicago problem, necessarily. It’s a... Read more »

Ex-inmates complete volunteer work for tattoo removals

Tattoo removal is necessary for former gang members and inmates, according to Tony Lowery, director of policy and advocacy at Safer Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on reducing recidivism and providing support to ex-inmates.   Tony Lowery “If you’re … asking for a job, you’re asking for a second chance. … When you’re asking for a... Read more »

Tattooed Tuesday

It’s time for Tattooed Tuesday: A look at tattoos in the news. Culturally insensitive?  British woman reportedly to be deported from Sri Lanka because of a Buddha tattoo. Photographer captures images of tattooed seniors. Who says ink will look bad as you age? New art show explores culture, japanese tattooing. Henna tattoos lead to ‘horrific scarring and disfigurement’... Read more »

Tat shop inks for a cause

It should be noted that I got inked at Insight Studios this weekend.    Ink guns buzzed as the artists at Insight Studios in Chicago tattooed for a cause this weekend. The shop, located in Noble Square at 1062 N. Milwaukee Ave, looks like any other Chicago ink shop at first glance, with metal and... Read more »