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Learn to Kick Butt in Self Defense Class!!!!!

Ladies (and gentleman), It is important to know how to defend yourself if the situation arose.  So take advantage of this class being offered tomorrow night, May 6th at 7PM.  The class will be taught by Hapkido Master Bob Kim and Ron Krit.   Hapkido is a type of korean martial arts that involves joint... Read more »

My trainer is back!!!!

It’s 2010 and I am looking forward to getting back to my normal routine.  And by that I mean not having fantastic parties to attend where phenomenal (bad) food is every where to be seen.  I had a great holiday season, and now I’m getting ready for a great year.   Most of you know... Read more »

Hangover Work-out

Happy New Year!!!!!!  I’m sure many of you were out ringing in the new year last night.  And many of you I’m sure were out celebrating with a few (a few more and a few more) cocktails. You may have woken up today wishing you actually only had a few.  And I’m sure many of... Read more »

Burning calories in the ocean with Miss Maine USA 2009

Bahamas from ashley bond on Vimeo.