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Looking to take your workout outside in the gorgeous weather? Self Magazine workout in the park is back

With the gorgeous weather creeping in this week one of your goals has probably been to get outside.  In order to accomplish fitness goals and the weather goals combine them and move that workout outside. SELF Magazine understands these goals and is once again holding their Workout in the Park event.  This is a great... Read more »

Fitness on a snowy day: 3 workouts you can do today

We are into our second snow storm of the year in Chicago and your fitness routine may be taking a hit.  Don’t let the snow slow down your January fitness goals.  You’re going to have to make a few adjustments to it, but here are a few ideas to keep you going on this snowy... Read more »

Do you agree with this article?

I found this article on yahoo very interesting.  It comes from a different perspective on health and fitness.  Since it is winter, I found the article to have some interesting points, for example, the fact that our bodies need rest and winter is a way to revamp our energy stores for the rest of the... Read more »

Cold weather and warm food

With the colder months looming ahead, many of us seek out comfort food.  Warm hearty food, like pasta, soup, and chili, for example.  On a day like today, when I am completely exhausted from carrying around 3 bags, a wind blown umbrella and getting pelted in the face with rain, (oh and not to mention... Read more »

Great workout for ladies (sorry guys)

Ladies only (sorry guys), if you’re looking for a great way to get some exercise on the lake try out Ladies Boot Camp with personal trainer and group exercise instructor Amye Kiser. Get a 45 minute work out on the beach for $10.  If you attend class in that same week your 2nd work-out will... Read more »

Fitness Tip: Working out despite the rainy Chicago Weather

I don’t know about anybody else but this rain is putting a damper on everything.  Especially my motivation to walk around the city. I find myself hopping in a cab instead of walking to my destination.   Which in turns, cuts into my daily physical activity. Everybody knows this city livens up in the summer. ... Read more »