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Motivation Monday: Why you should be excited about today

Today is Cyber Monday! Check out the websites of your favorite stores and see if you can get some deals.  Strive to get half your list done.  Yes, you must make a smile like this every time you make a purchase.
Happy Monday! If you’re like me you may feel like you’re dragging a bit coming off of the Thanksgiving weekend.  However, I am also very excited because we have a few more days of November this year.  Which makes me feel like I have more time to accomplish all of my november goals and get... Read more »

Chef Ian Knauer shares Thanksgiving recipes and why you should buy local this holiday season

Thanksgiving is a day away and I wanted to share a few recipes with you before the big day.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Chef Ian Knauer and had to share his thoughts about using local ingredients in your recipes this year.  I believe the more we know about our food the more we... Read more »

Motivation Monday: Thanksgiving Style

Happy Monday, everyone! It started off as a beautifully sunny morning to help get me in the thankful spirit this week.  This week can bring a multitude of different emotions on.  Some of you may be thrilled to cook and discuss with your family all that you are grateful for.  On the other hand some... Read more »

Burn those calories before Thanksgiving dinner

Burn those calories before Thanksgiving dinner
One way to help keep off any extra weight gain on Thanksgiving is to get your workout in before the rest of your day begins.  Since turkey day can be very busy for everyone my suggestion is to get your workout done in the morning.  If you have the self discipline to plan your workout... Read more »

Work off that Turkey dinner at the FREE Black Friday 5k

Come work off that awesome Thanksgiving feast at the 1st ever Black Friday 5k.  We all need a little motivation to get moving the day after a holiday, and this is your perfect chance.  Come join many Chicago Now Bloggers and participate in the 5k.  Bring everyone you’re grateful for to join you on the... Read more »

Work off those Thanksgiving calories

If you’re like most of us, you may have had a little too much of your favorite things over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Most of the time that extra weight is from added salt and you may be feeling very bloated.  To combat this you need to make sure you get a few key things... Read more »

Thanksgiving, eat what you want without sabotaging your goals

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! A few tips to enjoy your Thanksgiving while trying to stay healthy: 1) If you have time get a work-out in now.  Even if it’s 20 minutes, it will do your heart some good.  Run outside, strength train with little rest in between your sets or turn on some music and dance... Read more »