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Motivation Monday: my favorite move to get you summer ready

I was thrilled to put together my favorite summer fitness move for Vital Juice.  Summer is around the corner and it’s time to get ready.  Check out the move(click the title) there’s three variations depending on your fitness level.  Try it out and let Vital Juice and me know what you’re doing to get ready... Read more »

What are your goals for May? 5 tips to help you plan

This question is supposed to get you thinking about your goals for May. If you’ve done so already, bravo! So many times we go through and have all these ideas and plans for the summer, and before we know it football season is beginning. Not this year. I want you to use today and think... Read more »

4 Summer time fruits and how they can keep you healthy

It’s summer time and that means certain fruits are ripe and extremely beneficial for this time of year.  Fruits are a main source vitamins and nutrients.  They also happen to taste good and have numerous benefits for the body.  So if you’re looking for a snack this summer reach for one of these summer fruits.... Read more »

5 tips to help you stay on track with your summer goals

Summer goals can be hard to keep with all the fun going on, but here are 5 tips to help you stay on track.  1) Switch up your routine: Start adding interval training to your cardio routine.  Add inclines or do a “random program” on the treadmill.  Switch it up completely and check out a... Read more »

Fitness tips to help you stay in shape this summer

Summer is officially 4 days away and I want to give you a few fitness tips to help you stay in shape  this season.  With parties, bbq’s, kids home for the summer and Blackhawks celebrations I know it can be challenging to stick to your fitness routine.  Here’s a few tips to help you: 1)... Read more »

Are Alcoholic Drinks Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals?

We have all experienced a few beautiful weathered days here in Chicago.  There is no doubt that we all feel more alive and ready to head out and enjoy our wonderful city.  Just head down Rush St. and check out all the people eating lunch outside basking in the sun.  This weather is great for... Read more »

Don't Let That Winter Food Show Up On Your Summer Body!

Like I said yesterday, baseball signifies that summer is around the corner!  Around the corner people.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely let myself eat my favorite desserts, my favorite pasta and of course Mexican food the last few months.  (Not every day of course) As I’ve said before, everybody has different goals... Read more »

Looking For New Gym Shoes?

The Nike LunarGlide+ is one of Nike’s newest gym shoes.  It was about time I got new gym shoes, and after meeting with the Nike reps in Chicago during the Marathon, I decided that I wanted these shoes (I told you about them when I talked about all the merchandise for the Bank of America... Read more »

Ab Exercise Video

There’s still a month left of summer, and that means there’s still time to get those swimsuit abs.  If you need an ab exercise and missed my spot on Living Healthy Chicago check out the video: Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a fun and fit day, Chicago!

A cool treat that helps others

Every once in a while we all need a little treat to enjoy.  With summer finally arriving here in Chicago who couldn’t use a little ice cream?  And you can feel good about getting this tasty treat because the proceeds will go towards helping the lives of children across America.  Dairy Queen and the Children’s... Read more »