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Motivation Monday: Thanksgiving Style

Happy Monday, everyone! It started off as a beautifully sunny morning to help get me in the thankful spirit this week.  This week can bring a multitude of different emotions on.  Some of you may be thrilled to cook and discuss with your family all that you are grateful for.  On the other hand some... Read more »

4 ways to reduce holiday stress

The holidays are in full swing and there’s no doubt that along with the joy it can add some extra stress to our lives.  With only a few days left before Christmas and Hanukkah already begun most of us have a lot on our plates.  The goal is to enjoy this time that we have... Read more »

10 Healthy Snacks to grab throughout the day

It seems like everyone today is always on the go.  Between work, family, friends, and fun people’s schedules are booked to the nines.  Fitness and nutrition are usually the first things to go when life gets a little hectic.  When this happens people usually grab the most convenient and cheapest food items(and who wouldn’t?).  However,... Read more »