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Snack time during children's games?

Why does the snack time for children’s sports exist? I find this a humorous and stressful task.  No matter what sports young children are involved in, parents are usually required to bring snacks at least one time throughout the season.  This task has been the plot of numerous television shows including the comedy, Everybody Loves... Read more »

Cold weather and warm food

With the colder months looming ahead, many of us seek out comfort food.  Warm hearty food, like pasta, soup, and chili, for example.  On a day like today, when I am completely exhausted from carrying around 3 bags, a wind blown umbrella and getting pelted in the face with rain, (oh and not to mention... Read more »

10 Healthy Snacks to grab throughout the day

It seems like everyone today is always on the go.  Between work, family, friends, and fun people’s schedules are booked to the nines.  Fitness and nutrition are usually the first things to go when life gets a little hectic.  When this happens people usually grab the most convenient and cheapest food items(and who wouldn’t?).  However,... Read more »

Tips to improve your diet

For those of you looking to make positive changes in your diet read on.  Almost all of us could improve our eating habits in one way or another.  Many people however don’t know exactly what to do to make those positive changes.  Changing your diet entirely can be quite overwhelming for most people.  For those... Read more »