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What do you want to ask me?

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves this week.  The holidays have begun and will continue for the next two weeks.  So remember to stay healthy and stick to your fitness goals.  I will be on Chicago Now Radio this Saturday at 11:30am with David Wallach from Pace of Chicago.   Let me know if... Read more »

My confession on Chicago Now Radio, don't let it happen to you

In case some of you didn’t get the chance to listen, or didn’t know, I was on Chicago Now Radio a week and a half ago.  I had a great time being on air with host Bill Leff.  It was also a pleasure to meet one of my other bloggers, Dr. Jeff.   If you... Read more »

Thanksgiving, eat what you want without sabotaging your goals

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! A few tips to enjoy your Thanksgiving while trying to stay healthy: 1) If you have time get a work-out in now.  Even if it’s 20 minutes, it will do your heart some good.  Run outside, strength train with little rest in between your sets or turn on some music and dance... Read more »