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12 Days of Healthy Holiday Giveaways starts today! First up...

12 Days of Healthy Holiday Giveaways starts today! First up...
A $30 Protein Bar Gift Certificate! First, here’s a little more info on the 12 days of HHG.  For the next 12 days I will be posting a giveaway to kick off the first annual 12 Days of Healthy Holiday Giveaways.  Each day for the next twelve weekdays a featured item(s) will be posted.  All... Read more »

Food Revolution Day: Chicago events and why you should participate

Food Revolution Day is right is coming up this weekend May 19th.  Never heard of Food Revolution Day? It was created by Jamie Oliver, the world renowned chef who has brought to light the importance of food knowledge.  If you ever read Jamie Oliver’s biography you will see a long list of accomplishments including; television show... Read more »

Motivation Monday: Join me and sign up for Fab Fest

It’s Motivation Monday and for your afternoon motivation I want to encourage you to join me and sign up for Bright Pink’s Fab Fest. Inspired by my friend Scott from Norton Sports who started #mmdm, make my day monday, to write about a cause important to each of us I decided to tell you more... Read more »

Men's Fitness Ultimate Athlete POWERADE ZERO Training Camp

I had the pleasure of holding a Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete competition prep class with my POWERADE ZERO team.  The Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete challenge was searching for the athlete that could successfully complete skills in basketball, football, baseball, MMA and an obstacle course.  The winner would receive $5,000! As the host of POWERADE ZERO... Read more »

5 tips to help you stay on track with your summer goals

Summer goals can be hard to keep with all the fun going on, but here are 5 tips to help you stay on track.  1) Switch up your routine: Start adding interval training to your cardio routine.  Add inclines or do a “random program” on the treadmill.  Switch it up completely and check out a... Read more »