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Food Revolution Day: Chicago events and why you should participate

Food Revolution Day is right is coming up this weekend May 19th.  Never heard of Food Revolution Day? It was created by Jamie Oliver, the world renowned chef who has brought to light the importance of food knowledge.  If you ever read Jamie Oliver’s biography you will see a long list of accomplishments including; television show... Read more »

NBA All Star and Fitness Talk on Talk Zone Radio

I was chatting it up about the NBA all star game and fitness fun on Talk Zone Radio yesterday.  I had a great time with hosts sports columnist Elliott Harris and David Spada on their show Sports and Torts.  Check out the interview below:  Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 

New finds related to your health and your childrens'

Some very interesting new studies have come out and I think you should hear about them.  Both were featured on abc 7 chicago this evening.  

Is your brain aging prematurely?

It could be.  A recent study has found that obese individuals have severe brain degeneration.   Which means that one could lose cognitive function much earlier than they ever should.  Loss of brain mass could also lead, as the article states, to Alzheimer’s disease.  We already know that obesity can lead to many more diseases.  However,... Read more »