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Can you help create a word for eating healthy?

Recently, I was chatting with one of my clients and I began to ask my usual questions including, how has your eating been? My client replied that it was going pretty well, but that it was challenging.  When she went on to further explain she addressed an issue that I come across quite often.  She... Read more »

My fitness routine to get ready for vacation

One main goal people have is to feel fit and ready for their vacation.  By ready, most people want to look their possible best because odds are they’re going somewhere tropical.  Which means, swimsuits! Just like everyone else I want to look and feel great heading to my warm destination, although it’s pretty warm here... Read more »

Fit Tip Tuesday: Turning a taco dip into a healthier version

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Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share a recipe with you that my aunt told me about.  With the summer started and lots of parties underway it can be challenging to find healthy recipes.  I love this dip and it reminds me of the seven layer taco dip you normally find in grocery stores.  So instead... Read more »

Food Revolution Day: Chicago events and why you should participate

Food Revolution Day is right is coming up this weekend May 19th.  Never heard of Food Revolution Day? It was created by Jamie Oliver, the world renowned chef who has brought to light the importance of food knowledge.  If you ever read Jamie Oliver’s biography you will see a long list of accomplishments including; television show... Read more »

Motivation Monday: March 19th, 2012

Happy Monday!  Start your week off right with a little motivation to get you through the day.  Today’s quote is: “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”~Benjamin Franklin In order to be able to follow this motivation you’ll need to do a few things. For Energy: 1) Eat Well: Your body can not function at it’s... Read more »

Get a healthy touchdown this Super Bowl Sunday with these recipes

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and there’s no doubt it’s one of everybody’s favorite days to eat.  If you’ve been doing good all week don’t feel bad about treating yourself this Sunday.  Remember, everything in moderation and you won’t feel like a bloated mess by the end of Sunday’s game.  I asked readers from... Read more »

Fit Food: Review of the new Mark Bar

This past week I was able to try out the new Mark Bar, created by Chicagoan Mark Beier.  Mark is a Health & Fitness Expert as well as a classically trained chef.  This combination gave Mark the knowledge to create his own pre workout bar, Mark Bar. When I received the opportunity to try out... Read more »

New cellphone game seeks to improve quality time and may help with your eating choices

I came across the new cell phone stacking game, as some are calling it, on Yahoo today.  This new game craze was created by Brian “lil b” perez on his Tumblr page.  In an effort to not “be a d__ during meals with friends” (the name of his post) Brian created a game to get... Read more »

My fitness goal for the week: Get ready for Photo Shoot

My fitness goal for the week is to get ready for my photo shoot next Tuesday.  This particular photo shoot comes up once a year and happens to be very important to me.  So my goal is to be in the best shape I can be in.  It is true that photos can make you... Read more »

4 Summer time fruits and how they can keep you healthy

It’s summer time and that means certain fruits are ripe and extremely beneficial for this time of year.  Fruits are a main source vitamins and nutrients.  They also happen to taste good and have numerous benefits for the body.  So if you’re looking for a snack this summer reach for one of these summer fruits.... Read more »