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Giveaway day: NBA Baller Beats

Giveaway day: NBA Baller Beats
The giveaways have started again and I’m excited to announce that today I am giving away NBA Baller Beats for XBOX 360 Kinect game.  I’m super excited because this giveaway combines my passion for basketball and movement.  It’s the perfect gift to give your child, relative or keep for yourself! The cover happens to be graced... Read more »

Bleacher Report: 100 Hottest Dancers in the NBA

Every so often Bleacher report comes out with a list that will remind you of why it’s great to be a Chicago fan.  This is one of those lists.  How many Luvabulls can you find? I am honored and proud to dance in this city and be a part of the Luvabulls.  Thanks Amber Lee... Read more »

Being a Chicago Bulls Fan at the Miami Heat game

Ever thought about what it’s like to be a Bulls fan at a Miami Heat game? I’ve thought about it before, and now I’ve experienced it.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of heading to Miami to support my favorite team, the Chicago Bulls, as they fight to win the Eastern Conference finals.  It... Read more »

Help the Chicago Luvabulls advance in the NBA dance team bracket

Help the Chicago Luvabulls advance in the NBA dance team bracket
Help your Chicago Luvabulls advance in the NBA dance team bracket.  The NBA has set up a dance team bracket for all the teams in the NBA.  Each team advances by getting more votes than their counterpart.  So we need your help.  Chicago has the best fans in the country, so I know we can... Read more »

NBA All Star and Fitness Talk on Talk Zone Radio

I was chatting it up about the NBA all star game and fitness fun on Talk Zone Radio yesterday.  I had a great time with hosts sports columnist Elliott Harris and David Spada on their show Sports and Torts.  Check out the interview below:  Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 

NBA All Star Weekend in LA

We had a great deal of Chicago out in LA and who could forget Kanye performing!
I was so excited to head to All Star weekend in LA this past week.  It was an amazing experience to see so many great players, excited fans and celebs come out and support their coast.  Here are a few pics to give you a little more inside on what it’s like during All Star... Read more »

NBA Dance Team Bracket Has Begun!

It’s 1p.m. CT which means the NBA dance team bracket has begun.  Now, here’s a bracket you can actually help determine the winner.  And of course why would you want any other city, but our great city of Chicago, to win?!  So help your Chicago Luvabulls advance to the next round by voting here:  LUVABULLS.... Read more »