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Motivation Monday: Why you should be excited about today

Today is Cyber Monday! Check out the websites of your favorite stores and see if you can get some deals.  Strive to get half your list done.  Yes, you must make a smile like this every time you make a purchase.
Happy Monday! If you’re like me you may feel like you’re dragging a bit coming off of the Thanksgiving weekend.  However, I am also very excited because we have a few more days of November this year.  Which makes me feel like I have more time to accomplish all of my november goals and get... Read more »

Motivation Monday: Get your, Yay, moment

Happy Monday! It’s time for some motivation to get your week started in the right direction. After reading this I want you to start living the life you want now. Now, if you’re miserable at your job I don’t recommend just up and leaving without thinking it through. Think about the post, how it might... Read more »

Motivation Monday: my favorite move to get you summer ready

I was thrilled to put together my favorite summer fitness move for Vital Juice.  Summer is around the corner and it’s time to get ready.  Check out the move(click the title) there’s three variations depending on your fitness level.  Try it out and let Vital Juice and me know what you’re doing to get ready... Read more »

Motivation Monday: My inspiring Monday

Happy Monday! I have had an inspiring Monday so far and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  I met with the current Miss Illinois USA, Ashley Hooks who leaves on her journey for Miss USA this week (vote for her-she not only represents the state you live in, but she’s intelligent, hard working and... Read more »

5 questions with Comcast Sportsnet Chicago

Today Comcast Sportsnet has posted my interview with them.  They asked me 5 really great questions I think will let readers know more about me.  I hope you guys can check it out.  I talk about my favorite charities, my favorite Bulls memory and much more.  Let me know your thoughts.  I always want to... Read more »

How did I do at the Blackhawks game?

Miss IL USA 2009 Shooting the puck at the Blackhawks game from Ashley Bond on Vimeo. Thank you Blackhawks for a great night!!! Go out there and work on your fitness goals today.  You’ll be one step closer to making them a reality.   Have a fun and fit day, Chicago. 

The great pageant debate

I felt the need to respond once again about this pageant controversy.  To be quite honest the topic makes me laugh, mostly because this debate could go on forever.  And to address the hair topic, that is a matter of personal preference.  The fourth runner up at Miss Illinois USA 2009 had short hair (She... Read more »

Want to hear what I think about the Miss Illinois USA system?

Since I am part of the same system that Jen was involved in, I felt compelled to share my experience about the Miss Illinois USA pageant system.  To begin, I have not been doing pageants my entire life.  Some girls have, but I am not one of them.  I competed in only three pageants, the... Read more »

How I got in shape for my swimsuit debut

I have had numerous people ask me how I got ready for my swimsuit debut.  With the Miss Teen USA pageant coming up in 3 weeks, I have been asked by numerous contestants how they can improve their physique.  My goal was to lean out but still be strong and defined.  So here is what... Read more »